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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pumpkin's feelin' better ...

Pumpkin has his first post-diagnosis check-up tomorrow. Mom has been monitoring him carefully ... feeding him the special diet, dealing with Clavimox and insulin. He looks much better and is walking much less "disabled" than he had ... He still needs to build his muscle tone back from what he'd become. The extra good news is that he's HAPPY and perky and NOT GOING TO THE BRIDGE. He's returning to good health and that makes all of us ... especially Mom ... furry, furry happy.

I do know that he's not going to be happy to be loaded into the PTU tomorrow an' there may be some serious chasing around the house and crawling under the bed to get him ready for his check-up. Hee, hee ... I plan to point him out 'cuz I'm just that kind of girlie! Better take a towel, 'cuz the Boy of Orinch is gonna put the "P" in PTU!


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pumpkin is back from the v-e-t

Grandma an' Grandad picked up Pumpkin from the v-e-t yesterday while Mom was at work. Grandad held him in the green masheen an' they transported the PTU (full of p-e-e), a bag of Hill's Prescription Diet fat boy kibbles, twenty-four cans of some yucky, yucky stinky BADNESS (that I won't eat, but the boys all love ... I want Fancy Feast, but Mom said "no"), syringes, Clavimox, an' insulin.

Supposedly, Pumpkin could be off of the insulin in a few weeks after efurrything is stabilized, but the v-e-t doesn't really think so for him. He had a blood sugar level in the 600s while he was in the hospital an' now it's down to 320-ish, but it needs monitoring an' reducing still.

Mom mailed our cans of Fancy Feast an' Sheba to Michigan to our furriends, an' she made a trip to an animal shelter to give away our WONDERFUL an' DELICIOUS Eukanuba ... sigh. I've been tellin' Mom to email our furriend, Bev, to ask her if there is a Eukauba that we can substitute 'cuz Mom's makin' ALL of us go on Pumpkin's diet ... an' I really don't like his food. Besides, I'm not fat. Pumpkin's not fat either 'cuz you can feel his bones an' see 'em. I'm confused. That Hill's Prescription Diet M/D kibble an' W/D stinky-badness can't be good for you if you won't eat it, right?

At least I've still got Temptations 'cept Mom got a little pack of the new "kitten" Temptations an' they don't taste like my wonderful green Seafood Medley Temptations ... they taste like chick-hen an' I don't like 'em either. Sigh.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pumpkin's at the v-e-t

Pumpkin's dental appointment turned into something very different ... He went to his appointment at Banfield expecting to have a cleaning (with maybe an extraction or two). It turns out that the dental couldn't be done until after a blood test and some antibiotics for an infection in his gums. But wait, that's not all ... Pumpkin has diabetes.

Grandma an' Grandpa spoke to the v-e-t extensively after cleaning up the "accident" that he made in the PTU (they agreed to be the transport since Mom had to work). The "accident" made Puffy look like the king of v-e-t visits since he doesn't befoul the PTU and rides pretty quietly now that he's a veteran of the green masheen. Puffy had his v-e-t visit and has lost nearly four pounds since December 28th. The v-e-t had great words for Puffy's efforts and said that his abcesses are nearly healed, but the fur isn't growing back that quickly. Puffy came home with our grandparent.

Pumpkin, however, had to stay overnight and was very frightened. Grandad held him and told him to be a good boy (is there any other kind when you're talking 'bout Pumpkin???). They are gonna pick him up tomorrow with his insulin an' needles. Hopefully, he was stable enough this afternoon for the dental visit. Can you believe that he weighs over sixteen pounds? Mom was amazed 'cuz he seems so light.

Oh, an' it's POURING rain right now. Let's hope that it continues for a few days 'cuz Sandy Eggo is nearly "normal" for our "season to date" rain! It would be nice to be ahead of the rain curve for once in twenty-five or so years. Keep your paws crossed for our Pumpkin an' our rain (but mostly for our Pumpkin). Our dood of orinch is our biggest priority!


Monday, January 18, 2010

What's up on MLK, Jr. Day???

Since this was MLK, Jr. weekend, Mom chose to do "service" for her club at school. The day after Thanksgiving, she bought a YuDu machine (paid for by the club) to print student t-shirts. Little did she know that the supplies are very expensive and that the task of making silk-screened t-shirts, while not particularly difficult, IS horribly time-consuming and tiring.

Michaels started a sale yesterday with Jerzees t-shirts at $2/each (a 100% savings over regular price), so Mom and Grandma zoomed all over the place buying red, white, and navy blue t-shirts in all manner of sizes. About sixty t-shirts were purchased along with YuDu ink in gold for Mom's club. Uncle James made the original design ... and it's pretty darn cool.

After messing up the first emulsion sheet, Mom finally abandoned the DVD that came with the machine in favor of better instructions on YouTube. The second emulsion came out terrific, and then the assembly line began. T-shirts got washed, dried, printed, dried again, and finally, ironed to heat-set the ink.

We'll let you know how the students feel about the t-shirts. I was able to get some of my fur onto them, so my job is done.

BTW: Happy MLK, Jr. Day to efurryone ... Mom needs a NAP!


Oh, Puffy seems to be recuperating pretty well from his second set of Charmee bites. Charmee is adjusting to the Busparin. Pumpkin needs his teeth cleaned ... Don't tell him, but Grandma is calling Banfield for a dental appointment tomorrow.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Back to work already?

Well ... The vacation is officially over 'cuz Mom goes back to work tomorrow (at least it's a teacher prep day, so there're no kids).

Last week, she flew back from Seattle an' her visit to our Cousin Ben Fuzz in her usual seat on Alaska Airlines ... 4A. Mom sat for a few seconds in the "regular seats," but was glad to have her seat in First Class fixed and ready for her. She says that the seats in the rows of three are short and uncomfortable. She likes the stretching-out room in the front of the plane.

Anyway, she used her phone to take some photos while she was flyin' over stuff on her way back to Sandy Eggo. This is somewhere in the upper-middle part of California. She's not sure exactly where, but it's north of Oxnard.

Mom says that there are lots of photos to share from her trip, but she's got stuff to do before goin' back to work tomorrow.

To get efurryone updated: Puffy had another surgery 'cuz the Banfield v-e-t didn't get all of the infection out last time an' had to remove stuff when she took out the drains last time. Grandma an' Grandad took good care of Puffy an' made him take his medicine. They also gave him hot compresses on his stitches an' petted him a bunch.

Charmee got his medication to make him less felicidal (in other words, to keep him from killin' Puffy). He's takin' a bunch of pills an' they seem to be workin' a little bit.

Pumpkin is hanging in there an' might have gained a couple of ounces. Mom's still feedin' him bunches of food an' Temptations. He keeps sneakin' out into the livin' room after efurryone is asleep. He thinks that he's sly ...

I'm still Queen of the House. Was there any doubt?

Oh, an' Fuzzypants seems to be made of Velcro ... He sleeps on Mom's bed an' is makin' biscuits as fast as he can. Apparently, he thinks that this will keep Mom from leavin' us for vacations. I'll let you know if it works ...

An' I made a resolution for Mom: More bloggin' an' visitin' in 2010. Mom said that she'd think about it 'cuz she works awfully long hours.

I put my paw down ...

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Our furriend is sick!

One of our first furriends, Kismet, is mighty ill an' needs efurryone's purrs ... You can stop by Skeezix's blog for more information an' you can leave good vibes for Kismet an' Sophie.

We're furry worried. Kismet is the mancatliest ManCat we know next to Tripper an' we want him to get better!

Feel better, dood!