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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Grandma an' Charmee's bite update

Mom an' Grandad went to the hospital right after Mom arrived back in Sandy Eggo ... Mom was worried 'bout Grandma 'cuz Grandma had to stay in the hospital for FOUR days an' had surgery on her thumb to suck out the poison from Charmee's bitey. Grandma has a bunch of black stitches on her thumb an' her entire hand is wrapped in gauze.

It turns out that Grandma takes on most of the responsibility for the bitey 'cuz she'd been makin' laps for Charmee an' then gettin' up to do stuff. She'd done that a bunch of times an' Charmee had been tryin' to get his beauty sleep, but couldn't. He was fed up an' told her so by bitin' her HARD on the thumb. Grandma was apologetic to Charmee an' her forgave her for bein' wiggly. Essentially, he'd been trying to tell her to stay put.

So Grandma is recuperatin' at home an' Charmee's been catchin' up on his sleep. Things are gettin' back to normal (Mom goes back to school tomorrow). Grandma gets her stitches out in a couple of days. Sigh.


Monday, January 03, 2011

Uh, oh ...

While Mom is visiting her auntie, uncle, an' some cousins in the Pacific Northwest, Grandma an' Grandad are watching us. I've, of course, been on my very best behavior ... I've even been forgiving 'bout my missed gotcha day ... But Charmee has been BAD! Today he bit Grandma on the thumb an' made it bleed an' swell up! Grandma is in the HOSPITAL for observation. Mom's gonna be pretty upset with Charmee, so he'd better get his story together before Mom gets home on Thursday!