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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Happy Squillions Day, Cupcake Fuzzypants!

Charmee here!

I went to the Virtual Squillions Shelter an' 'dopted a virtual squillion girlie for my blog (an' 'cuz I was missin' Miss DMM just a little bit).  Mom helped me to choose her an' I wanted a pink squillion, but settled for a purple one.  Her name is Cupcake Fuzzypants after my best brofur, Sparky Fuzzypants, 'cuz she has stripes.

Today is a special day 'cuz it's February 28th ... It's Squillions Day!  It's also been two months since DMM went to the Bridge an' nine months since Sparky went.  Now, it's just me an' Cupcake Fuzzypants.  D'ya think she'll let me call her Cuppycake?


Sunday, February 10, 2013

My first "quilt"

I made a Gizzy-style quilt today that DMM would have enjoyed. Charmee is apathetic at best.