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Friday, July 14, 2006

Hot! Oh, so very hot!

My mom is great. It was horribly hot yesterday, so today she left the a/c on for the F.A. and me while she went to work. We had eleven glorious hours to nap in refrigerated comfort while she was gone. A good thing, too, because it was well over 80 degrees according to the temperature box (I checked).

I believe that I will cuddle extra close and purr extra loud at bedtime tonight to show my appreciation. Oh, and we had turkey tonight ... Not Sheba turkey; we had the REAL kind.

Fudgie was feeling especially creaky and arthritic due to the coldness in the house. I hope that he feels more like himself tomorrow. He's an older guy ...


Victor Tabbycat said...

When the cool air blower gets too cold, I curl up on the bed in the sun. Oh, that's nice. An turkey?!?! REAL turkey? My FAVORITEST! Mom, can I make a dinner suggestion?

DaisyMae Maus said...

Mmmmm ... the REAL turkey was especially good. Fudgie got the most, but I sat patiently in my chair at the dinner table (I'm the only one who uses a chair because I'm a LADY). Anything Fudgie is having I know is especially terrific, so I watch him like a hawk.

Did you get some turkey, Victor Tabbycat?? I hope that you did.

DaisyMae Maus

Victor Tabbycat said...

No, but we hads lotsa chicken. That's yummy too. Bonnie was nefur interested in bean food until she saw me askin fur it. Now, she asks Dad an I ask Mom.

I'm SOOOOO glad you can read your comments now! We contacted efurryone we know to see if they had yur email.