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Monday, July 10, 2006

Time flies when we're "on vacation" ...

I'm bummed. Today is the last day of my human's vacation and I'm just not ready! The alarm will sound tomorrow morning at 6 o'clock and the routine of "shower, make-up, breakfast, dressing, gone" resumes. As soon as she pulls out of the driveway to head to her "job" (whatever THAT means), I'll take up residence on the front windowsill until she returns. She'll be exhausted (or so she'll claim), so I'll try not to trip her in the doorway. I will, of course, scan her for treats and/or toys.

There are only two good things about tomorrow being the first day back: First, "job" comes with money for treats and/or toys; and second, then there are only eleven weeks until the next vacation! I think that I can manage, but it'll be rough. I'll have to keep my strength up by harassing those panty-waist neuter-boys ...


Petey said...

Hello Feline Americans. We have lots in common. We have a Punkin, instead of Pumpkin. A Happy-Go-Lucky, instead of a Lucky Charmz. But there's only 5 of us and not six (maybe we need another bruddy or sissyfur). But my humans don't have jobs that take them away from us. They used to but now they stay with us all the time. They felt guilty about leavin' us during the day and got new jobs. Check out my archives for March and you'll see what they do for a living.

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