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Thursday, September 28, 2006

What color PEEPERS do YOU have?

ˆOnly one vote is possible from a blog/email address, so multi-cat households will have to choose a single representative voter!ˆ

Jeepers, creepers ... What color are YOUR peepers?

Sample PEEPER colors:

DaisyMae Maus has dark amber peepers (as does Fudge Ripple).

This cat's peepers are heterochromic.

Cocoa Puff has light golden peepers.

Lucky Charmz has dazzling blue peepers.

Pumpkin's peepers are medium brown.

Sparky Fuzzypants has lime green peepers.


Lux said...

It looks like I was a "first responder!" It will be interesting to see how many of each there are.

Cheysuli said...

They chose me because I have the most stunning blue eyes.

Eric and Flynn said...

We haf bofe got the same cullered eyes. Must be cuz we is brofurrs.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

Grr an i has golden eyes, but Midnight has green. nun of 'em show up rite in the camera mosta the time though.

Junior said...

I have light blue meezer eyes.

Derby said...

Mum says mine are golden.

katnippia said...

Well lets see Pounce and Taps has -greenish yellow, and Shamy and Snowy have golden colored eyes, and I have pretty blue eyes.