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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Blast from our past ... Whimpy and Tribles

I was sortin' through some picture cds when I came across some photos of our buddies Whimpy and Tribles. Whimpy and Tribles, affectionately known as "the boys," live with our Aunt Montie up on Washington. They're some of the only woofies we tolerated (probably because we're bigger than they are). Whimpy was our mom's walkin' buddy. One of these times will have to tell you the story of how Mom almost wore him out completely after walkin' him ten miles ... TEN MILES! I'd never make it that far!

Anyway, here are the pictures of our buddies. Whimpy is a Daschund-Chihuahua (Doxchua?) and Tribles is a long-haired Chihuahua. We miss those boys ...




Kimo & Sabi said...

They look like nice pals! Don't forget today - Oct. 15 - is ALL CATS DAY! Even dogs can celebrate!

Ariel said...

Awww their adorable even if they are woofies.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

tiny woofies are okay - so long as they duzzn't yap

DaisyMae Maus said...

I agree with you Grr, Midnight & Cocoa ... I don't like the yappy ones ... I liked Whimpy and Tribles. I liked Sassy (because she got frightened when I puffed up my tail and she liked to play chase-n-bark where I'd chase her and she'd bark then chase me back ... But I don't like the ones that yap like they're Napoleon and I'm supposed to bow down at their shrine or cower in the corner.
DaisyMae Maus

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