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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Check out my "HotQ" bag o' swag!

As you're well aware, the Feline Americans and I compete against each other for the title of "Housecat of the Quarter." This quarter, Mom helped me to set up a poll so that you could vote for the one of us who you thought deserved the honor. This quarter, the title went to ME!

Mom has been especially busy these past few days getting everything squared away at school, but now that the finals have been proctored and her grades have been turned in, she's had some time to document my win and put up the photos of my goody bag of fabulous swag.

The awards banquet was last night and featured a can of succulent roasted chicken flavored Sheba® and Culligan filtered water with just enough ice cubes for us to sip ... My favorite!

Mom USUALLY keeps track of our behavior each quarter, grades us on our individual merits and general "cattiness", and then makes the announcement. But this time, YOU got to vote ... She can only speculate on how many times Rocky the Gutter Cat voted for me (I'm his favorite "spicy vixen" ... wink, wink).

DaisyMae Maus's Bio
Age: 12 years (almost 13)
Gotcha Day: December 31, 1996
Breed: Tuxedo
Coloration: Bicolor (black and white)
Nicknames: Maus, Miss Maus, Bing-bing-a-ling, Miss Robots, Beautiful Girl, Honey Maus

Likes: Cuddling, bossing the "boys" around, eating treats, napping on the back of the sofa

Pet-Peeves: The "boys"; unsolicited belly rubs; being squeezed

Favorite Toy: Laser beam pen

Favorite Nap Spot: Back of the sofa; on top of whatever is currently being read

Favorite Food: Sheba® "lobster-flavored" paté, Eukanuba kibbles

Skills: I can say my own nickname ... "Maus"

My "PtMiwM*" story: I chose my Mom when I was a tiny girl living amidst a gaggle of horrible, noisy children. The brats moved and I decided NOT to move with them. I slept outside my Mom's bedroom window until she agreed that my brother (Huckleberry Finn ... deceased) and I should move inside and join the existing clan. She's been my companion ever since and she gives the best cuddles EVER. *PtMiwM means Prior to Movin' in with Mom

Forums Motto: "Grand Dame of the Feline Americans"

Favorite Treat: Temptations Seafood Medley, Feline Greenies in salmon

In honor of my stunning victory, I get my name engraved on the "Housecat of the Quarter" perpetual trophy.

The 'HotQ' Bag O'Swag included:
A ... NEW ... CAR!

A motorized remotely controlled toy mouse. I've named him "Scooter" ...

An exercise "masheen" called a "Cat Dancer" so that I can get my groove on (and keep my girlish figure!).

A plethora of "fev-ver" mice so that I can leave them all over the house and lord my windfall over the Feline Americans who just LOVE "fev-ver" mice ('specially Sparky Fuzzypants who treats them like hockey pucks).

A herd of "regular" fuzzy mice for drownin' in the water dish, dumping into Mom's shoes, and bringing to bed at night just in case I have an attack of the friskies and I have to play RIGHT NOW!

And a case of Sheba Feline Paté in all of my favorite flavors ...

Fresh from Maine, a squishy red lobster to lay on ... Heaven knows that I won't play with him, but I certainly won't share him with the Feline Americans either! I'm naming him "Big Red."

And last, but certainly not least, twenty-four packages of Seafood Medley-flavored Temptations®! SCORE!

The one thing that I really wanted was a "date" with Rocky the Gutter Cat (celebrity blogger and well-known "geezer about town"). Mom couldn't teleport him to me for my awards dinner, but she got me a "look-alike" from 1800-strip 'o gram. He looks a bit like Rocky, but he was from New Jersey ... Sigh.


Dazey, Jesse & Conner Cloud said...

That's quite the haul you won, Miss Daisy!! You should be nice and share with the FA...tis the season ya know!


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

NO WAY! that's the best bunch o' loot we effur seen!

DaisyMae Maus said...

Isn't it? I can't wait until I get my learner's permit so that I can cruise around the local beaches picking up all sorts of fun cats! Mom says that I can't pick up anyone until I've driven 2K miles under her supervision. Spoil sport! Having Mom along will cramp my style!

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