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Monday, December 25, 2006

SECRET PAWS! Thank you to Victor Tabbycat & Bonnie Underfoot, and to Millie!

Christmas FINALLY came and we got to open our Secret Paws packages that have been sitting beneath tree-zilla for what seems like AGES!


Millie was the Secret Paw for Fudge Ripple, Cocoa Puff, and me ... all the way from New Hampshire, no less! She sent a big, big box that was very mysterious and tempting. When we opened the box, much to our surprise, it had a wrapped present inside! Mom helped us get the wrapping paper off and then open the box.
Inside was oodles of green and purple shredded paper that was VERY fun to play with. Mom let us enjoy the paper for a little while and then reminded us that the paper wasn't the present ... the little Chinese food boxes held the presents. But ... we were having too much fun playing in the empty box with the paper shreds ... So we continued to ignore Mom until she started opening the take-out boxes for us.

"Okay, guys ... enough with the shredded paper: Open the presents already!"
"Oooooo ... neat!"
Three cats and three to-go boxes.
"One for each of us!" "What's inside?" "What's inside?"
"Open 'em up and you'll see!"

Wow! How wonderful! We have lots of great stuff inside those little boxes: Fancy Feast (yummy!), purple and green Petco ping-pong balls to chase around the living room carpet (and they make noise, too!), crinkle balls that are perfect for laying on (the boys think that laying on the crinkle balls will get them to "hatch." Fev-ver butt mousies to knock about like hockey pucks. Yum! Feline Greenies, too! Mmmmm ... What's that delicious smell? I ... SMELL ... COSMIC CATNIP! Oh, oh ... Gimme some! Three specially made catnip pouches! Milly's lady made them for us and they're wonderful for sniffin', batting around the living room, and acting CRAZY with! Thank you so much, Milly! These were wonderful Secret Paws presents! Your presents helped to make it our best Christmas EVER!

Not to be outdone, we had a Secret Paws package from Victor Tabbycat and Bonnie Underfoot all the way from Whisker-consin. It's been sitting under tree-zilla for nearly two weeks and Mom's been torturing us with it. We've been smelling the box and knocking the box over to hear it rattle and jingle. From the sounds and the smells, we KNEW that there was something wonderful inside. It was addressed to Sparky Fuzzypants, Pumpkin, and Lucky Charmz. Charmee couldn't wait to open it and get at what was inside!

More wonderful goodies! There were two cans of our favorite catfood: Sheba. We got lobster and filet mignon flavors which we're certain to enjoy very soon.

Looky! Temptations in our favorite flavor: GREEN (Seafood Medley)! Whoo hoo! And there was even a hot pink plastic case FULL of wonderful goodies to play with. There are pink jingle balls to sock under the refrigerator and behind the litter boxes (when we "lose" them, Mom has to crawl around on her belly to find them so that we'll stop whining for them).

There was a fun fabric worm on an elastic cord with a little fishing pole attached. We LOVE to play "cat-fishing" with stuff like that. Charmee already tried to claim it as his, but we'll be sharing it ... thankyouverymuch.

We got some ground catnip to spread on our Alpine Scratcher (it needed new catnip badly). Plus a bunch of squishy toys that smell catnippy already (Yum!). To round out a WONDERFUL Secret Paws is a bag of furry mice (pink and white ones!). I can't wait to pounce on them!

Thank you, Victor and Bonnie! We love our presents and you, too! Thanks for sending them ...


Millie said...

Oh I am -SO- glad you liked your Secret Paws package. The Lady and I worked hard to pick the right goodies and pack it all up so it would be fun for you to open. (The Lady has this "thing" about wrapping packages)

Victor Tabbycat said...

I's glad you enjoy yur secrit paws package! Mom called it all "purple" but I told her it was pink. We had lotsa fun gettin the box ready an she sent it early cuz Bonnie an I couldn't leaf it alone. Purrs!

Gemini said...

Oh I think it was a furry good day for Secret Paws, huh?!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

what absolutely lovely gifts! and, yes, shredded paper does count as a present!

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