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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Still more of the Christmas Lights World Tour!

Mom said that she liked the way that this apartment building had lights around its "architectural features" ... Huh? I just like the pretty colors and the fact that there are lots and lots of lights. I'm not picky. Lights are supposed to be kinda tacky at Christmas time, right? I mean, we're not looking for "tasteful displays of holiday decorations," are we?

Hmmm ... Blow-up snow people. I dunno, Mom ... They lack a certain flair. The middle one looks a little "chemically-enhanced" perky while Tweedle Dumb and his brother have the slightly drunken look of the underinflated. Next ... !

This is a little better. I like the igloo very much. It's snowy and wintery without being too over-the-top, but it is a bit cliché.

Mom likes the looks of this little gift-shoppe slash real-estate-office. It does seem quaint, but in my opinion, it's out of place in a surf community like Imperial Beach. This little shop is on the main thoroughfare between Imperial Beach Boulevard and Palm Avenue. That's beach central! There should be palm trees decked out in Christmas bulbs n' lights and flamingoes wearing Santa hats.

Oooo ... I threw this one in as a tip-of-the-Santa-hat to my Aunt Toni. She likes those polar bears, so I wanted to be sure to include this particular Christmas light tableaux. Can't get more "night at the North Pole" than polar bears. Just lookin' at 'em puts a frosty chill on my buns. Brrrr ...


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