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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #1!

I've been wantin' to participate in the "Thursday Thirteen" for about six months, but Mom wouldn't approve a single one of my suggestions.

What's wrong with "Thirteen different shapes of litterbox poops" or the "Thirteen items in the house that Fudgie HASN'T peed on"?

Mom said that those ideas weren't appropriate topics of conversation (let alone blog postings) to be made by "young lady cats" like myself. Bah. I think that she's just jealous that she hadn't thought of them first.

But after seeing the past two "Thursday Thirteens" posted by one of the most famous celebrity bloggers on the internet, Darling Millie herself, Mom has relented by approving today's topic: Snowmen!

A little background: Mom collects snowmen. She has LOTS of snowmen that she displays each and every Christmas (and adds to the horde each year).

As a rule, we've made it a policy to leave the snowmen alone ... That was until Lucky Charmz joined the Feline Americans three Christmases ago.

The following thirteen snowmen have been knocked down, tasted, rubbed up on, or otherwise bothered by Lucky Charmz in recent weeks and therefore, have been claimed as "favorites."

1. Postman Snowman: Mom made two of these last year and gave one to Joe, the man in the bloo shorts, who brings our packages.

2. Primative Snowman: A wooden gift that's much heavier than he looks (and far less tasty).

3. Blue Clay Snowman was selected when Mom was in her royal blue phase. Charmee likes how smooth he is. He's had the bitey put on him.

4. Patriotic Snowman: He was purchased for Christmas 2001 for obvious reasons.

5. Buckethead Stuffed Snowman came in a big purple bag from a place called "Hallmark" ... Charmee jumped into the bag with this snowman and got him furry.

6. This pair of Stuffed Snowman Children Mom bought this year because they coordinate with a fleece blanket that her colleague gave to her years ago. We like the fleece blanket, so by extention, we like the snowmen, too.

7. Snowball Snowman has been knocked on the floor at least a dozen times by Charmee. The Snowball Snowman is virtually indestructable by cats. Must be made of Kryptonite® or somethin'.

8. The "I Love Winter" snowman plaque hangs directly above the fishtank. Charmee likes to lay on top of the fishtank for two reasons: Menacing the fish and keeping toasty. When he stands on the fishtank lid and stretches, he can reach the plaque.

9. Brick Snowman was made by Mom at a craft party held by her area superintendent back in October. He (the snowman, natch) sits on MY fireplace hearth. I have cleaned my teeth on him claiming him as MINE. I also like his fleece ... very softy.

10. Plushy Snowman Family that hangs on the drapery rod represents Grandma and her brother/sisters. There are five snowmen and five siblings. It's high up enough that we can only look ... not touch.

11. Flakes Snowman ornament came from ... someone. We don't know who for sure, but we like this ornament because Mom is kinda flaky sometimes when she forgets our can of stinky goodness until it's really late at night or she accidentally locks one of us in the computer room. An' we like our flakes in a bowl with milk.

12. Grandpa Snowman was made at the same time as the Postman Snowman. Our grand-dad was in the US Navy for a long time. Mom's favorite picture of him was when he was about 18 years old, shaved bald, and wearin' a Dixie cup cap. We like it 'cuz it's grand-dad.

13. Snowman Sled is a favorite because the stupid vishus deer riding on the back of the snowman's sled isn't gonna be eating anything other than frozen water when he finally catches up to that snowman at the bottom. Vishus deer are stupid.

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Millie said...

Oh, I am so flattered! I am blushing at your wonderful compliments. Thank you so much. I loved looking at all the different snowmen. They are really cool.

tiggerprr said...

Some of those snowmen look they'd be fun to put the bitey on! You've all got a great collection! :)

dawn said...

I love snowmen, and so do my cats -- the snowman (acutally lots of ornaments) are round and so fun to bat around the room.

Happy 1st TT

Anonymous said...

Wow - you really feel strongly about this subject don't you? Take it easy - no need to get all wound up...

Daisy said...

I think I would like to play with the snowball snowman too. He is very cute!

Kukka-Maria said...

These are great snowmen and a super idea for a Thursday 13 (although, I saw nothing wrong with the various turd-forms from the box o' litter).

Welcome to the world o' TT! Looks like you'll have a joy-filled holiday ahead as you work to destroy these (and more) snowmen! GOOD LUCK!

Merry Christmas to you and your family, DaisyMae! Thanks for being such a great friend to me!

DaisyMae Maus said...

Awhhh ... Thanks for the holiday wishes, Empress. You, Brach Lee, and your agent should have the best of the holidays, too.

One of us said...

heehee we like those snowmen ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko KO

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