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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #2! You say you wanna RESOLUTION?

Mom let me share her New Year's resolutions as my Thursday Thirteen this week (she said that it was because I always make the same one each year and then break it by January 2nd [how's that for a negative attitude??]).

Anyway, these are the thirteen things that Mom vows to do/accomplish/change during the calendar year 2007.

1. Take a trip in a hot-air balloon (even if it's tied down like at the San Diego Wild Animal Park). Whoop it up and act adventuresome!

2. Buy, and then wear, nicer shoes (not the same boring UGLY flats, Mom).

3. Finish the projects with the yarn (she accomplished part already by donating a ton of yarn to Diva Kitty and the Fluffies).

4. Dial down the sarcasm (especially in the presence of students).

5. Take another trip to Seattle ... fly first-class again, but not necessarily in the Disney plane. Bring us back smoked salmon.

6. Resume walking "for exercise" AND ride bicycle on occasion.

7. Enter -- and complete -- a second half-marathon with a faster walking time than last time (3:43:43 was pitiful).

8. Be satisfied with the outcome of her mugger's trial and not "go all vigilante on him" if he's acquitted. She's mentioned a "burny, poke-y place in Hell" ... and the fact that she would like to see him rot there. Not good for the karma, but ...

9. Lose 25 pounds (not the same pound twenty-five times ... hee, hee!).

10. Add another 7K to the mutual fund (more if feasible); update to the maximum amount in 457 account. Save, save, save for retirement and to keep us in Sheba® and cat litter.

11. Donate clothing and shoes to Goodwill before January 31st to free up some storage.

12. Go camping (in a tent!) at least once ... bring Aerobed. Leave us AT HOME! Camping is for doggies (or kitties who don't know better).

13. Don't have a total meltdown on 40th birthday (although she does have gray hair and wear Transitions® bifocals). Stay away from "boy toys" and "midlife-crisis" purchases. Conversely, don't bathe in Oil of Olay or start mainlining Metamucil and prune juice cocktails. Moderation, miss ... moderation.

DaisyMae's ONE New Year's Resolution:
" I, DaisyMae Maus, here to for known as 'her royal highness,' promise NOT to kick the Feline Americans' butts whenever they look at me funny, eat the last treat, stink up the poo-poo boxes, shed fur near me, play with MY catnip toys, breathe, ... blink too loudly.

Okay, Okay. Picky ... Oh, well. I promise NOT to kick a single Feline American butt during 2007.

Gosh, this is gonna be really hard because Cocoa Puff is snoring and Charmee is blinking at me really loudly! Argh ... MUST ... NOT ... KICK ... ANY ... BUTTS! I don't think that I can control my "butt-kicking" impulses ... This is going to be a really long 2007 if I don't get to kick any one of the Feline Americans' butts ... Volunteers?"


tiggerprr said...

Good luck to your Mom! The sarcasm one is gonna be tough! It oozes out of me and to dial it down, might make me mute! LOL

DaisyMae, good luck to you with your resolution, that's gonna be just as tough, eh? :)

Daisy said...

Those are some very good resolutions. I am not good at keeping resolutions either; I have already broken three of mine!

Cheysuli said...

What on earth would she want to come here?! The salmon is good though...

Shilgiah the Cat said...

I'll have to think for awhile of 13 things I want to improve about myself or do better this next year (mom says she can help me with this). We have a hot air balloon festival every October here is Albquerque! It's very fun to watch. You can also reserve and buy balloon rides if you want.

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