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Monday, January 08, 2007

Monday, Monday, Monday ... Eh.

Well ... Mom's finally home from her first day back at work after her three-week-long "winter break" ... Nope, we're PC and don't call it "Christmas Vacation" anymore. Anyway, she says that she's furry, furry tired ... and needs a vacation from her vacation.

I'm proud of Mom. I want to let you know that she's been pretty good with the New Year's resolutions. She's purchased (and is wearing) much cuter shoes. AND she cleaned out all of the closets. Right after New Year's Day, she made a massive donation to the Goodwill. She packed her tiny black masheen with bags of clothes and shoes (and other stuff) and barely had room for herself in the car! It's amazing how humans accumulate so much clothing! Perhaps if they had furry coats like ours???

She has also visited her financial planning guy to increase her deductions and contributions to her retirement funds. Mom's got a few more resolutions to work on, but I wanted to commend her progress.

"Good job, Mom!"


Suzanne & her mama said...

DMM, you're right to be proud of your mama for all of her hard work toward her resolutions. over the past few years, mama and uncle jerry have made lots of trips to goodwill with all of mama's extra stuff. it always seems like there's so much!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

that's excellent! way ta go mom!!!