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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Who'da Thunk It?

You could have knocked me over with a fev-ver! I just found out TODAY that Pumpkin made two New Year's resolutions. And, you know what? He's actually sticking to them!!! Amazing ...

Those of you in the know remember that Feline American Pumpkin has often been described as the "strong, silent type." He fits Trip the Psycho Stray Cat's definition of a "man-cat" ... big feets and healthy whisker humps. Well, Pumpkin's got those in spades. But ... as handsome and appealing as he is, he tends to keep to himself ... He spends the most part of his day (and night) sleeping under the bed in the master suite. At least the 2006 Pumpkin did.

He made two resolutions that have changed the whole way he does business ...

1. Pumpkin resolved to be more adventuresome about food. He likes Eukanuba®, Temptations®, and Sheba®. He eschews human food of ALL KINDS. Or at least he did before 2007. Yesterday, he tasted turkey lunch meat (nummy!). And guess what?!? Yep ... He LIKED it.

2. Pumpkin is pet-able. He usually doesn't like Mom (or anyone else) to hold or pet him ... Until now. He even PURRS when Mom pets him and brushes him ... or even just picks him up for a squeeze.

AMAZING! Aliens have swapped out our Feline American Pumpkin for some kind of android Pumpkin. Or maybe he's a "Stepford Pumpkin" ...

Whatever happened, I like it. Good job, Pumpkin! Keep up those resolutions!


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

excellent job Pumpkin! next, try HAM. oh, and Cocoa's purrsonal favorite - liver. Cocoa's a little weird though.

Cheysuli said...

It's great to see a cat sticking to his resolutions.