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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Do YOU Know San Diego? I do ...

You know you're from San Diego if you can relate to the following:

Your high school had a surf team.

You can correctly pronounce Tierrasanta, La Jolla, Rancho Peñasquitos, San Ysidro, Otay Mesa, Jamacha, Jamul, Cuyamaca, and El Cajon.

There are four distinct seasons: Summer, Not Quite Summer, Almost Summer, and Oh Hey Look! It's Summer Again!

Chula-juana is a real town.

You paid the $1.00 toll to drive across the Coronado Bay Bridge ... Or you drove miles out of your way to take the Silver Strand to AVOID the $1.00 toll.

You would drive with the windows down through the "S Curve" on the I-5 on Sunday evenings and could smell the Fornaca Family Bakery.

Your house is worth more than some small countries.

The Wal*Marts' "announcements" are in Spanish.

You know what MB, OB, and PB stand for.

Every other street name is either in Spanish or Spanish-related, and you're surprised when other areas don't have this.

You can determine the accuracy of someone's "I'm ghetto" claim by knowing their high school. For example, El Camino High School or Crawford High School.

You see weather forecasts for four different climate zones in the same county, and aren't remotely surprised. The Micro Climate Weather is a fact of nature here.

You've gone to Mt. Helix in July and known you'd still need a jacket.

You've tailgated at Qualcomm Stadium (and for bonus points, also tailgated when it was Jack Murphy Stadium).

You have a favorite: The WAP or the Zoo.

You've been on a field trip to see an Imax movie at the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center.

You still call it "the Del Mar Fair."

You say, "I'm going to the track" and people know what you mean.

You understand what May-Gray and June-Gloom are.

A famous skateboarder/surfer lives in your town.

There's a North County, a South County, and an East County, but no Central County or West County.

You know what it means when two guys are walking in Hillcrest.

You know what it means when a girl in a short skirt is walking on El Cajon Blvd.

You've gotten stuck in the Horton Plaza parking structure traffic after a Padres game.

You know what "The Merge" is, and will plan your entire day around not being on it during rush hour between 3 PM and 7 PM.

You've been to Belmont Park and ridden the Giant Dipper.

You've taken the Coaster and laughed at people sitting in traffic on Interstate 5.

You know the difference between Clairemont Mesa, Kearny Mesa, and Mira Mesa -- and maybe you remember Serra Mesa, too!

You've gone to Sea World on a warm day and sat in the "Splash Zone" at the Shamu Show to get cooled off -- and laughed at those tourists who were caught unaware.

You've been delayed at the Border Checkpoints on the 5 AND the 15.

There are more bands than people.

Your house doesn't have air conditioning and you've never turned on the heater.

You know it's San Diegan, not San Diegoan, or San Diegoite!

Everyone has their favorite beach.

No matter what the weather is, there is always someone walking around in a t-shirt, shorts, and flip flops.

You live on, near or are surrounded by hills.

You hate tourists and their bad driving. LEARN TO DRIVE OR GET OFF THE ROAD!

You have family and/or friends who have moved to Arizona.

You used to, and sometimes still do, ride the carousel at Seaport Village.

You know someone who doesn't own pants, and have a neighbor who doesn't seem to own a shirt.

You know what Santa Anas are, and that they have literally nothing to do with the city of Santa Ana.

If the menu doesn't have California burritos on it, forget it, it's not real Mexican food.

If you're NOT from San Diego ... Too bad.


Luna said...

Hello I´m from Spain and I can say all this words jaja!
Bienvenido a mi blog!
Welcome to my blog!

Daisy said...

DaisyMae! My Mommie grew up in southern CA (Mission Viejo), so she was laughing and laughing at yer list. Her school had a surf team, a swimming team, and a golf team! Gotta love those Santa Ana winds!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

haha! our Lady knows most of those, but the teenagers' daddy went ta Mt. Miguel - howz that rate?

DaisyMae Maus said...

Wow ... Mount Miguel High sometimes competes against Mom's school ... Her school usually wins in stuff like basketball.

Her school doesn't have a surf TEAM, but it does have a surf club/class each spring, summer, and fall intersession ... there's swimming and waterpolo, too. I keep askin' Mom how the horsies are able to breathe underwater.

Munchkin, Missy and Monte said...

Great list, we can't realate to any of it. :( However, the school that the young beans attended previously's mascot was a Tornado.

OreotheCat said...

Hmmm...i cant relate to most of these things...i must not be from California! thats okay, give me my ohio snow anyday! and i think Lucky Charmz is very cute....does he have a Valentine? i catstered him and he didnt reply back.......and now, he has a very cute tatoo! tell him i think hes cute!

((Libby Marie's Foster Sister))

Millie said...

Does Mom get bonus points for knowing who Su Lin is?

Do you?

Mom thinks it's funny that your "Rush Hour" extends four hours from 3 to 7 PM. Well, not that kinda funny.

Sophia, The Diva Kitty said...

DKM adds

1) Caught the woodies at Moonlight

2) You've had the works at Filippi's

3) Flirted shamelessly with the cute Italian boys at the Il Fornaio in Del Mar

Tara said...

Even in No. Cal, we know a lot of those things, especially the Spanish! We have a town near hear name Salida, which literally means exit in Spanish! Right off Highway 99! Tara

Icon Baxter Bentley said...

That is a funny list! My mammacat used to live in La Jolla when she was very very little. Does that count?

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

We lived in San Diego 20 years ago after graduating from college. Hubby worked at General Dynamics. We lived up from Jack Murphy stadium at the top of Mission Village Drive in Serra Mesa. Where did Serra Mesa go?
We moved back to Minnesota because of the comments you made about summer and the multimillion dollar shacks. Oh how I want to go back to visit!!!!! What memories you brought back! sss's mom

The Tower Hill Mob said...

We know some Spanish words and like Mexican food. We've had traffic at the border,too- the Canadian border!
Mum says she would desperately love to live in a place where people don't know what ice scrapers are and baseball tickets are affordable...

DaisyMae Maus said...

Ummm ... Baseball tickets AREN'T affordable here, either ... But we've never used an ice scraper before unless Mom was makin' Slurpees in the blender!

I've had kitty bags of stuff from both Filippi's and Il Fornaio ... I like Italian food almost as much as Mexican ... Both have cheese!

It's nice to hear that there are so many bloggin' cats with ties to my home town!