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Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday's Feast #8

What sound, other than the normal ringing, would you like your telephone to make?
Gosh ... I really don't know since I don't tend to answer the phone. Mom lets the masheen pick up any calls and then she determines if she wants to return the calls ... or not. She has one of those pink cell phones that has a special ring: It plays the SpongeBob Squarepants theme song so she knows that HER phone is ringing and not someone else's. That's pretty smart, right?

Describe your usual disposition in meteorological terms (partly cloudy, sunny, stormy, etc.).
Mostly sunny with chance of isolated thunder showers with a high of 72˚ and an overnight low of 54˚ with patchy fog.

What specific subject do you feel you know better than any other subjects?
Um ... I'll take "Delicious, Yet Expensive Catfood Kibbles" for $1,000, Alex?

Main Course
Imagine you were given the ability to remember everything you read for one entire day. Which books/magazines/newspapers would you choose to read?
Others would assume that I'd read something like Italian Vogue or some other fluff, but I would choose to read for 24-hours straight to commit to memory the entire Harry Potter series. Of course, this would have to happen AFTER the release of the seventh book on July 21, 2007. We cats love our Harry Potter!

If a popular candy maker contacted you to create their next confection, what would it be like and what would you name it?
For the past month, I've been watching Mom make chocolate rose pops for her school club to sell for Valentine's Day, so I'd want to have a chocolate and vanilla swirled Tuxedo Cat pop made in my image. I'd call it a "Spicy Vixen" pop and I'd sell them for a dollar each so that many, many of "me" could be sold. They'd be addictively delicious, just like me ... with just a hint of spice, 'cuz I'm a spicy vixen.


OreotheCat said...

I wish i new what foods i was!! hehe...yep the lipgloss was mine ::blushes:: would u let Lucky Charmz no im very flattered he accepted my offer? what a sweet heart!


OreotheCat said...

Is Lucky Charmz there? Lucky CharmZ! Just wanted to tell u to have a good day! ::smooches Lucky on the cheek:: and dont let ur mommy or sister see that lip gloss on ur cheek!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Wow DaisyMae. My mom makes sum truffles she calls cinful cuz dey are choclat wif cimanin in it.

Jake and Bathsheba said...

Mmm. My mouth is watering thinking of those spicy vixen pops.