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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Photo Hunt #6: Broken!

This week's theme is "Broken".

As an intrepid Photo Hunter in the weekly Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt, I found a favorite item to represent "BROKEN".

Mom goes to a take-out place called C J Oriental Express in our neighborhood at least once a week. She doesn't go purely for herself: She goes for Fudgie. Fudge Ripple loves bbq pork, so Mom orders a combo with items for her and the pork for him. She carefully chops up his pork and feeds him before she takes a single bite of her dinner.

With her combo, Mom always gets a single fortune cookie that she breaks and lets us sniff (we love the sniff, but don't taste the cookie).

A BROKEN fortune cookie could bring good luck!


meeyauw said...

They bring good luck? I need me some of them!! What a nice story.

Incog & Nito said...

Good fortune and good luck. Happy weekend.