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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tabby 'n Tummy Toozday featuring Sparky Fuzzypants (as himself)!

Mom loves to tell people about Sparky Fuzzypants and his love of modeling ...

Spark's a natural ham (no, Miles ... not THAT kind of ham!) and he'll pose for any camera that flashes.

Back before Mom got a digital camera, she'd turn the flash on her old camera and take pictures of Sparky without any film in the camera.

"Flash": Strike another pose, Spark!

So, for Tabby Toozday ... Here are some of the more lovely photos from our glamorous modeling shoot featuring Sparky Fuzzypants as himself ...

Cue wind machines!


Work it, Mr. Spark!

The camera LOVES you!


Tara said...

Very cute Sparky Fuzzipants!

Dragonheart said...

Very fuzzy and furry. :) You do like having your photo taken! Great pics. :)