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Friday, March 16, 2007

Friday's Feast #11

Name two things that made you smile this week.
Well, it's been a difficult week ... I'd have to say when Mom opened the Temptations and let us have a whole bunch of 'em ... and when Mom finished making our little hammock and she looked so proud.

Fill in the blank: Don't you hate it when ________?
I hate it when someone ... I won't say who, but his name rhymes with "Cocoa Puff" ... uses the litter box and doesn't cover up his deposit! That gets me really MAD.

Mom wanted me to mention that she really hates it when employees in big businesses act like it's their personal money being taken when a refund or adjustment has to be made and they forget what "customer service" means. She told me not to broadcast the name of the company, but I'm a cat ... what can they do to me? OFFICE DEPOT!!!!!

When you can't go to sleep, what is your personal remedy to help yourself drift into Lullabyland?
Mom takes Tylenol Simply Sleep and counts backward from 100 ... I go and use the litter box, have a mouthful of kibbles and a drink of water, and then hop up onto Mom's bed, slide beneath her left arm, whine for some pets, and settle in ... Zzzzzz ...

Main Course
What is something about which you've always wondered but have not yet found a good answer?
I'm still not clear on the "heaven" concept, but I'm open to suggestion.

What is your favorite pasta dish?
Hmmm ... Being a cat, I just call 'em "noodles" ... but I'm a fan of macaroni and cheese. The kind in the bloo box is fine with me, but I also like it if we have some of grandma's "from scratch" mac-n-cheez, too. Mooommmmm? When's dinner?


Jake and Bathsheba said...

Mmmm, cheesy noodles - yum!

I'm sorry that you and your family have had such a rough week, DaisyMae. Temptations and snuggles do help.


Monica said...

I like to read your thoughts on things, DaisyMae. I'm glad that you post these "meals" for us. Tracy says mac and cheese is great, but I've never tasted it. It looks pretty goopy to me.

Tara said...

The Temptations would have made me smile too! And I love March, although Mom doesn't get the whole month off!

Karen Jo said...

I like mac-n-cheese, too, though I don't eat it often. You have had a rough week, but I'm glad the Temptations and the hammock made you smile. Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Bad Kitty Cats & Megan said...

Hello DaisyMae - we still are so sad for you all.

Maybe some from scratch mac and cheese would be good! Homecooking is best. We love it. When anyone bothers to cook.

Heaven is a mystery for sure. We think it's peace, absolute mental peace but we are working it out too!

Purrs and Scritches. Now we are hungry again....

Daisy said...

Mac 'n cheese is good for what ails you.

amy said...

sorry I am late..Great feast and I have enjoyed your blog

Suzanne said...

hey dmm, mama drives on dmm drive almost every single day! (des moines memorial drive...still, i like to call it dmm drive...makes me think of you!)

here's to better days and weeks. we keep waiting for 2007 to become the year we've been hoping for.