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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Justice? Well, maybe just a little ...

A number of you asked about the sentencing of the mugger who stole Mom's purse last May 22nd ...

Last Monday, March 19th, the mugger ... Johnson III (she won't publish his whole name) ... was sentenced to two years in state prison. Of course, that's not nearly long enough. His probation officer told Mom that the mugger was still being prosecuted on an additional charge that could result in more incarceration time. Mom doesn't know for sure, but she speculates that the additional charge is a "three strikes" issue.

Needless to say, Mom WISHES that he'd have been given the maximum sentence ...



Jake and Bathsheba said...

At least he's behind bars now. We can't imagine being mugged. How frightening!


Monica said...

It's good to know that he is being punished, and perhaps for even longer than the two years.

Suzanne said...

i hope the 3 strikes law gets him good!


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