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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Saturday Photo Hunt #11: From March 17th

Since my Macintosh was bein' diagnosed and repaired by the computer dweebs last weekend, I didn't get to post my Saturday Photo Hunt picture for the "Drink" theme. I don't like to miss opportunities to participate in this meme, so I'm postin' last week's theme photo AND this week's today.

This week's theme is "DRINK".

For the Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt, I'm postin' photos of Feline American Cocoa Puff enjoyin' a "gwink" ... Puffy doesn't like to drink still water from the communal cat dish that Mom parks on the end table. No, Puffy is a gourmand (obviously ... Have you checked out his girth?) and has to have his Culligan filtered water presented in a plastic cup full of ice. Mom says that this habit isn't unique to Puffy ... It was started in our fambly by Feline American Lacey Bunns back in 1988 when she wouldn't drink any water that wasn't presented in a porcelain mug filled with ice. Picky, picky ... Anyway, these are my photos representing "DRINK".