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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hey Kitties! Are you sixteen or over?

My cousin Suzanne and her mama have started a bloggie for all of those kitties in the blogosphere who are sixteen years (or close) AND OVER.

Are you sick of being called a "geezer"? Do you wanna hang out with the more seasoned cats and kitties? Well stop by Suzanne's new bloggie 'cuz it's dedicated to cats just like you!

Can you believe that I'm too young to even be classified as a "grasshopper"? Yep, I'm thirteen, but not quite old enough for Suz's bloggie. Darn.

Here's where you can click to stop by and support her new venture:
Sweet Sixteens for Kitties.
I'll have to stop by Rocky Ann's, 'cuz she just celebrated her Sweet Sixteen "Hello Kitty"-style ...


Suzanne said...

hi dmm...we edited the Grasshopper posting. ANY kitty who is less than 15 years old can be a Grasshopper. Will you join?


DaisyMae Maus said...


Boy said...

Wow! I'm thirteen too and I thought I was old!