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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Thank you to Puff and Spot!

This is my friend Puff. Puff is an incredibly handsome ginger cat who shares a bloggie called "Puff Has Spoken" with his brother, Spot.

Back at Easter, I was cruisin' the 'net visitin' my friends when I came across a neat photo that Puff had posted on his (and Spot's) bloggie. Their momma had made a really cool diorama using that ubiquitous Easter confection the marshmallow Peep. Likely on a lark, Puff encouraged his readers to guess the subject of the diorama and I ventured a guess: Moses leading the Jews out of Egypt.

And guess what?!?
Yep, I was right!

The next thing I knew, Puff and Spot's mom emailed me telling me that I was gonna win a prize for being the first to guess accurately.

When the box arrived, I got out the digital camera while Cocoa Puff and Lucky Charmz investigated the box and its contents. I wanted to be the first to see what was in the box, but the Feline Americans take really awful photos (they jiggle the camera and cut off other cats' heads ... usually mine ... when they're "in charge"). It was really better that I did all of the documentation ...

Presents are great ... And Puff and Spot's present came a couple of days ago! It's full of wonderful stuff and came with a card, too ...

This is the "thank you" message that I sent:

Puff and Spot!
The box came today! What a great bunch of goodies!
Mom said that I should send thanks from her, too.
She loves the two hand-knit dishcloths, the kitty
cat bag that she'll use on her walks, and the neat
bowl made from an album ... I asked Mom if I could
make more bowls out of her albums and she gave me
such a look! It's not like she plays with them or

We love our toys and snacks, too!
Thank you so much!

When Mom is no longer exhausted from her hunting,
she'll post the photos that she took of us with the
package. She told me to let you know that she's
"trashed" from proctoring standardized testing with
her ninth graders and just can't do it ... She's a

Love and thanks!
DMM and the Feline Americans

I really love the presents that Puff (and Spot) sent for us and for our mom ...

Stop by Puff and Spot's bloggie as soon as you get the chance ... Puff has added a number of items to his Destruct-o-meter!



Chen & Ollie said...

How exciting that you received such a fun package in the mail from Puff and Spot for your mommy making such a smart guess at the diorama. Hope you and the feline americans have fun with your presents!
Mr. Chen & Ollie

Puff said...

DaisyMae, we are so glad you and the Feline Americans(and your mom) like your presents. Sometimes when you send your beans to the store you can never tell what they'll come back with! Mom says not to worry about her albums, she uses ones from the thrift store to make the bowls.

Kim and Oscar the Puppy Cat said...

Those are really neat gifts! I would have guessed wrong until I saw your answer, then it all fell into place. DMM, when you want something done right, you have to do it yourself! LOL!

Stop by my blog and tell me how you got your name. That's my theme for today.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your site, but Mommy has trouble accessing it from home. You see at home we only have MSNTV (web tv) and it's no good on graphic-heavy sites. So I have to wait till she uses the Big Computer at work. So sometimes I can't comment when I'd like to. Can I comment via email?

Congratulations on winning the Peeps contest. My Momm is Jewish and she didn't even guess that thepicture as of Moses and the Israelites. She loves peeps. One fell on the kitchen floor and I chased it aound for awhile. She also has a little stuffed purple Peep bunny. She stuck it in my bed.

Fat Cat Muffin