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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #16: Pumpkin's birthday fast approaches

We're colorin' our post PINK in honor of Lilly Lu who is furry sick. We really hope that she gets better! Purr, purr, purr for Lilly Lu!

Thursday Thirteen: Pumpkin's Birthday Booty List

As you're well aware, Feline American Pumpkin will be celebrating his sixth birthday on April 23rd. He was born on famous English playwright and poet William Skakespeare's birthday, so that's where he got the "William" in his name. Mom calls him Willie P. or William Pumpkin (or sometimes even William, Duke of Pumpkin or Punky the Monkey).

Anyway, since his birthday is next week, I thought that I'd do my Thursday Thirteen about the thirteen things that Pumpkin would like for his birthday ...

1. A huge bag of panties from Victoria's Secret. Pumpkin likes playing in them and/or rolling in them when they're fresh from the dryer. He acts silly and undignified. He DROOLS!
2. A nylon tricot full slip. Any color. For the same reason as #1.
3. Temptations® ... Mom's body weight in Temptations® might last about six months. Pumpkin LOVES Temptations®.
4. Pro Active Solution. Pumpkin is a cat-acne sufferer. I sometimes call him "Pizza Face" or "Vesuvius".
5. Supersize scratching post/cat condo for the master bedroom.
6. More Whirly-Bird birdies.
7. A case of double-A batteries for the laser beam toy and unlimited "Mom time" to play.
8. The catfood formerly known as Sheba is mass quantities.
9. A ginormous fish tank for the master bedroom with big, colorful fish to watch and "fishing" privileges.
10. An exemption from clippy claws.
11. An exemption from brushing.
12. An exemption from wonk removal. (WONK is the brown crust that gathers in the inner corners of your eyes.)
13. Scrunchees made of nylon parachute material to replace the ones that got "funky" from too many games of fetch.


jeter harris said...

numberz 1 + 2 made me laff an laff, dmm!
regardin yer comment ... mi brudder mickey mantle iz brushin up on hiz shakespeare ... wid da help uv hiz grate frend marilyn!
luv--yer frend--jh

The Meezers said...

um, at least he rolls in CLEAN unnerwear. Miles is gross and rolls in the dirty clofs in the clofs basket - Sammy

The Meezer Gang said...

Number one is grate!!!

Parker said...

That's an excellent list! I hope he gets it all!

Suzanne said...

ginger boys as handsome as pumpkin is deserve to get every single item on their birthday lists!

purrs, a forehead lick, and a cuddle from your cousin...


Daisy said...

Pumpkin has some exotic tastes! I hope he gets all the panties he desires.

ps: what is a wonk? Maybe I don't want to know...

Cyclone Cats said...

ooo, pumpkin, you like fishies too? If you get that big tank, I'll teleport right over and we can watch together!!


Munchkin, Missy and Monte said...

Great list, happy TT.

Caesar and Princess said...

Well, clean undies are especially nice... but :::blush::: I used to love the dirties the best... and snatch them from the wash basket and hide then under Blizzies bed and roll in them. :-) I have grown out of that phase but it was fun to remember..

Happy Happy Happy Birthday to the Pumpster. When is the party!!


Karen Jo said...

Happy Birthday in advance, Pumpkin. You have some interesting things on your wish list. Have lots of fun. I hope you get everything on your list.

Millie said...

Mr Karate's birthday is April 23 too!
In addition to Shakespeare, Roy Orbison and Shirley Temple have that birthday.

Kim and Oscar the Puppy Cat said...

Hi Birthday Willie P! SSSSHHHH, don't tell anyone, my cousin Andrew loves dirty panties. He use to drag them out when company came for a visit. He drop them on the floor in front of everyone and then lay next to them. Poor Aunt Erika!