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Saturday, May 05, 2007

¡Cinco de Mayo! y guacamole con sabor

Cinco de Mayo—or “Fifth of May”—is a Mexican holiday commemorating the victory of the Mexican army over an invading French army at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. It is not, as many people mistakenly believe, Mexico’s Independence Day (that's on September 16th). Although the Mexican army was eventually defeated, the Batalla de Puebla became a symbol of Mexican unity and patriotism. With this victory, Mexico demonstrated to the world that it was willing to defend itself against foreign attack.

In San Diego, where I live, Cinco de Mayo is mostly an excuse for locals to flood Mexican restaurants in search of Mexican beer (by the bucketful) and cheap margaritas ... BTW: My name, Daisy, is "Margarita" in Spanish.

Mom will likely have some kind of Mexican food today ... I hope that she has carnitas, 'cuz I love PORK! She'll also make some delicious guacamole. Mom has an avocado tree growing in the backyard. Last May, grandma and her buddy, Manuel, went loco and chopped the avocado tree to within an inch of its life (it had gotten about 35 feet tall). The tree rallied quite nicely and has already set its fruit. By November or December, it will be covered in greenish-black avocados. Mom isn't totally sure WHAT kind of avocados they are 'cuz the tree was grown from a pit planted more than two decades ago. She speculates that ... through cross-pollenization ... she might have a Haas-Fuerte blend. Our 'cados are fist-sized, sweet, and buttery with an apple green fruit.

I'm a fan of the avocado, so I'm giving you my personal recipe for a delicious guacamolé that you can make in large or small batches at a moment's notice. Sometimes Mom makes some guacamolé and chips that we have with some Texas eggrolls for a quick dinner.

Guacamolé á la DaisyMae Maus

2 large ripe avocados (preferably Haas or Fuerte avocados)
2 Tbsp. red or white onion, finely minced
2 serrano chiles, finely minced (Remove seeds prior to mincing)
salt (to taste)
1/2 cup fresh tomato, seeded and then finely chopped into small cubes
2 Tbsp. cilantro leaves, finely chopped (remove stems prior to chopping)
juice of half a ripe lime

Peel and then mash avocados in a plastic or glass bowl, leaving them slightly lumpy. Stir in all other ingredients, mixing well. Taste and then add salt and lime juice as per personal preference. Chill and serve.

Hint: To keep guacamole from browning unattractively, place avocado pits in bowl with guacamole and place plastic wrap directly onto the guacamole to keep air out.
Serve as a garnish on foods like quesadillas, fajitas, burritos, tacos, etc. OR with fresh or commercial tortilla chips as a dip.


sammawow-china cat-willow said...

My Food Lady grew up in California and she loves guacamole. She is definitely going to try your guacamole recipe, DaisyMae. Happy Cinco de Mayo to all of you.

Purrrrs, Willow

Jake and Bathsheba said...

DaisyMae, my dad is from California and grew up in the Los Angeles area. He had avocado trees growing in his back yard, but he said that the squirrels would ruin most of the fruit. They'd take a bite out of each one to see if it was ripe. Dad's recipe for guacamole is similar to yours. I like avocados, but Mom says that she read that they're bad for cats.


Millie said...

Oh, Mom is so jealous. You have an avocado tree. That and a lemon tree she'd love to have. But we have snow, so that's not possible.

But thank you so much for the guacamole recipe.

Mom buys avocados all the time and even serves a salad with vinaigrette dressing inside the bowl of the avocado itself. Mr Karate thinks that's just THE BEST!

Tara said...

Cinco de Mayo is a big deal in here in the Northern Central Valley as well, for the same excuses you mentioned. Mom actually had to play Irish music in and Irish pub last night, and she said it was dead!

Great recipe!