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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Help PetSmart to "DO THE RIGHT THING!"

Mom got a disturbin' email from Best Friends Animal Society today. It's about PetSmart an' their decision to sell house bunnies! Mom was furry mad when she read the email an' quickly clicked on the link to sign the petition. She believes (as do the Feline Americans and I) that NO pets should be sold in stores while shelter pets die needlessly.

If you agree, please click on this link and go sign the petition for yourself. Our voices are furry loud and strong when the whole cat (an' woofie an' bun an' ratty an' swimmy turtle an' any others) blogosphere speaks up together.

Please tell PetSmart's President and COO, Mr. Robert Moran, that he needs to rethink selling house rabbits and instead promote adoptions!


BTW: This is the email that Mom received ...

Dear Friend,

After years of supporting pet rescue organizations by allowing the set up of adoption satellites in PetSmart stores across the nation, PetSmart has made the decision to sell house rabbits. This is a dilemma to rescue and humane organizations everywhere. Best Friends joins other animal welfare organizations by asking for your support. Ask PetSmart to do the right thing for all homeless animals by only allowing adoptions of homeless rabbits in PetSmart stores.

Our voice is not enough. We need you the member, the consumer, to let PetSmart know what you think. We ask you to send this to three friends and family members. Help us ask PetSmart's President and Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Robert Moran to reconsider this decision.


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Jake and Bathsheba said...

We got that email too, and our mom signed the petition right away.