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Monday, July 02, 2007

More Monday ...

I got news from Junior Babee that he's already received his prize box for bein' the most accurate guesser of the date/time of my 500th Post.

He emailed me some photos of him enjoyin' his Temptations® prize pack and his furry own Squillion! Check 'em out!

An' while I was lookin' at Junior Babee's photos, Mom was preparin' THESE!

Guess what I had for dinner tonight?!? Yep! SHRIMP!

I got to have some of two kinds of shrimp: scampi an' coconut shrimp! Only Cocoa Puff and I were interested in tryin' them. I got the most 'cuz I'm the girlie ("Who makes the most noise and begs the most at the table," said Puffy.) ...

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