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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Movies instead of bloggin' with ME?!?

Mom threw me over for an afternoon with Bruce Willis! Can you believe it?!? Me either ...

After school today, Mom "zip-zipped" up to the AMC where she met Grandma and Grandad for a flick.

They watched "Die Hard 4" aka "Live Free or Die Hard." An' guess what?!? All three of them loved the movie.

Mom described it as the ultimate "popcorn flick" with a little "yippee-kai-yay motherf***er" thrown in for good measure.

She's also mentioned that, while he's not great looking, she'd pay to watch him read the phonebook (or at least blow up the phonebook).

So, I guess that if you've seen the other three ... theatrically or just on the late-late-show ... you couldn't go wrong spending a couple of hours on this movie.

Or you could be a GOOD Mom (this means YOU, popcorn breath!) and come home to your cats an' boot up the computer so that we could do some bloggin' ... an' while you're at it, you could feed us some dinner and break out the Temptations ...

Hey! It's a reasonable request!


Cheysuli said...

My human is glad to hear that because no doubt they will see that at some point!

Benjamin Fuzz said...

bruce willis and action films seem synonymous. mom will be going to see that one soon, i'm sure.

how uncle jim?


Angus said...

I agree, Daisy Mae...the least she could do is boot up the computer and share the mom says thanks for the review..she wants to go see that movie, too!

caricature said...

I loved the first three die hard movies - they were my favorite at a time. Watched them long time back on vcr in a winter - fond memories!

William said...

You know, every time my mom sees that guy she says, "What the h*ll happened to your hair?"

Talk about die hard!