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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Mr. Hendrix's squillion is on its way!

Mr. Hendrix was my seventeenth visitor on my first blogoversary (July 10, 2007). He won a customized squillion of his furry own.

It took ten days, but Mom finally got enough time together to paint the squillion, box him up with some additional goodies, an' drive him to the post office to fly to Mr. Hendrix's house.

Here's a photo of Mr. Hendrix's customized squillion gettin' ready for his journey.

So, whaddya think Mr. Hendrix is gonna name his doppelgänger?

I'm guessin' "BENDRIX"! Mwaaahhhh haaaa haaaaaaaaa!


Henry Helton said...

Oh, so cute. You are very nice to do all that work for Mr. Hendrix.

Parker said...

That looks like Mr. Hendrix! Or mabe Bendrix, I dunno!