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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Rude and Noisy Neighbors

It's warm today, so Mom opened all of the windows and has both security doors in place so that we can have a cross-draft. Usually, the open doors/windows coupled with the ceiling fans keep us cool enough that we don't need to put on the a/c.

Here's the problem: Our up-the-street neighbor has elected himself entertainment director for the entire street and is playing some particularly tuneless music (narco-corridos) at full tilt with enhanced bass. The baseline is so repetitive and the "music" so annoying that Mom can't think ... She can't focus on a book ... She can't watch television ... Nothin' 'cept be annoyed. It probably wouldn't annoy her so much ... 'cept she understands Spanish ... Narco-corridos are "songs" (loosely interpretted) that glorify the drug trade, drug dealers, and lawless behavior of all types.

Since we live in a "structured community," there are rules about when you can call the police about noise disturbance ... and there are rules about what constitutes a noise disturbance. Since it's still late afternoon, the police won't come and tell him to shut off his music or at least turn it down. So, unless she wants to shut the doors/windows and turn on the a/c, or leave the house and go elsewhere, she gets to suffer in silence.

What are some beans so darn rude? Is it right to inflict your musical choices on others around you just because you can? BTW: This is the same guy who allows his woofie to bark for hours on end (the same woofie that bit Grandad a couple of years ago), shoots off his handgun on New Year's Eve, gets drunk and starts "singing" while sittin' on his porch, and generally acts like a fool. He lives in the house that I USED to live in when I "belonged" to the lady with the horrible child posse.

I think that house is cursed with terminal stupidness.

UPDATE: Vecino Borracho FINALLY turned off his stereo and stopped his tuneless "singing" at 12:32 AM on Sunday, July 8th, after the police arrived.

And no, Mom didn't have to call the police this time ...


Benjamin Fuzz said...

i do think that house is cursed! the music sounds awful...

having the windows open should be right.

in seattle, anything that can be heard a certain distance away is considered 'noise pollution'. law enforcement makes the offender turn down the music.

Benjamin Fuzz said...

dmm, how did you add the text below 'leave your comment'? i'd like to do that, too.

Mungo N Teazer said...

So maybe it's not legally a noise disturbance because of the time of day, but what about harassment for the lyrics?

Is it just because you're in a structured community or is it village/city ordinance? I know that here in my suburb of Chicago, there's an acceptable range to be able to hear it before it gets classified as noise. and that range is even smaller if the source is a car, whether it's on a road or not. The City of Chicago itself is even stricter.

Might be worth a phone call to an attorney to see what rights you have.

The Mom

DaisyMae Maus said...

Mungo and Teazer:
Mom tried that a couple of years ago when the neighbors directly next door were selling drugs and brandishing weapons ... The group, Safe Streets Now, helped Mom and some neighbors to take the offenders to court over their behavior. Mom and her group of residents LOST in court. Can you believe it? They were in the right and the law-breakers WON. Mom doesn't have a whole lot of faith in the legal system.

Jake and Bathsheba said...

Unfortunately, we don't think you're suffering in "silence." If only! We feel for you; neighbor problems are awful. We have a next door neighbor with ugly junk cars right next to our fence. Mom is reluctant to call the zoning people because usually things just get uglier then.


Skeezix the Cat said...

Sownds like Mr Tinydik and the peepul hoo own Pooper the Dawg arn't so bad after all!

caspersmom said...

Oh Mom really knows what you and your Mom went through with your noisy neighbor. We had a neighbor that had a big surround sound and deep base speakers on his stereo and all we could hear was boom boom........boom boom. It would shake our mobile home. After Mom could take so much she would go over and tell him to turn the darn thing down. It would be good for several weeks then it would start all over again. He finally was arrested for drugs and it was a good thing cause Mom was really getting aggravated to where she almost couldn't take it anymore. I think he lived there for about a year. Thank the Good Lord we have good neighbors now.