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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #36: Panda-monium

Recently, Bai Yun ... a Giant panda living at the San Diego Zoo ... gave birth to another panda cub. The captive breeding program at the zoo has been phenominally successful and relations with China ... at least as far as pandas go ... have been mutually beneficial. The pandas are a HUGE tourist draw at the zoo. This baby will assuredly bring in millions of dollars of tourism revenue to America's Finest City. BTW: As of this posting, no one knows the gender of the cub, so no names have been bandied about.

These photographs AREN'T of the new baby ...

The new born cub was so small and fragile that he seemed to be
more of a cat cub than of a panda.

Attention, good care and all the time needed were spent so that the little cub would grow healthy and beautiful.

In a week, he is already acting as a " big " and powerful animal, sniffing around.

At 25 days, the cub begins to look like a panda. The specific black spots have already appeared but he's still blind.

After 30 days, the cub looks like a little pig.

In a couple more days, we have a brand new panda cub able to eat and start to play by his own.

Look at those claws!

When he's 85 days old, no one knows what he's up to ...

But he still is somehow funny and sleeps just like a human baby.

The cub has reached 3 months old! ...


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The Devil Dog said...

Daisy, my mom was fascintated by the panda pictures. She didn't know any of those neat facts. She said she will have to show them to the boy tomorrow. Thank you for such a cool post.