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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Blog Action Day: October 15, 2007

Oh, crud. I had fully intended to participate in the Blogblast for Action event ... that occurred yesterday. Blast!

The whole point was to write posts about the environment: What's wrong? What can be done? What kinds of GOOD things are happening?

I was going to write about the things that I'm doing in conjunction with the Feline Americans and Mom.

1. We recycle the plastic jugs that hold our litter.
2. Plastic bags from shopping are used to hold our "used" litter for transport and disposal.
3. Mom bought some cloth bags to take to the grocery stores (and on other shopping excursions) because the bags are reusable and much more comfortable to carry than plastic.
4. The Fancy Feast containers that hold our stinky goodness are cleaned and added to our recycling.

As responsible custodians of our planet, we felines have an obligation to leave the smallest carbon footprint that we can. Considering our very small paws (except for the occasional big-pawed ManCat), this task shouldn't be too difficult.

I challenge each of you to do your part for the environment ... Even if it means fewer farts!

E.R.F.A. (Environmentally Responsible Feline American)

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Jake and Bathsheba said...

DaisyMae, we do numbers one through four too! And Mom has a confession about #2. Sometimes (well, too often), Mom will scoop our boxes, put the product in the plastic bags, tightly tie them, then just put them outside on the deck. The bags are too small to go directly in the big trash toter, and she doesn't generate enough trash in the house (all types of paper recycled, veggie scraps composted, etc.) to fill up a regular size bag daily or even more than twice a week. Thus, sometimes more than one "product" bag will be (neatly) placed on the deck near the wall.

Well, a couple of nights ago Mr. Raccoon came by and decided to party. He messed with my water disk and my food mat, then he tore open the product bags. I think he was looking for a tasty treat! (He must be related to dogs.) Mom was not too happy because she had to clean up the mess.