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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mom was jazzed when she got home today!

When Mom got home today, she didn't seem quite as tired.  In fact, she seemed to have had a pretty great day!  

1.  There was a "happy birthday" card from my tomfriend, Jake (an' Bathsheba an' their momma, too).  Mom said that the card was really cute an' she appreciated the message ... 

I was super excited 'bout the stamp 'cuz it had Jake's handsome face on it.  Meeoowww!

2.  Her afterschool meeting about spending the school facilities improvement money (Proposition O) didn't take as long has she had thought that it would, so she got home before 5 PM.

3.  She got to take Grandma and Grandad to Fuddrucker's to participate in a fundraiser for her school's chapter of the Best Buddies club.  Best Buddies is a club that pairs differently abled students with general ed. high school students with the purpose of enhancing lives and developing life-long friendships.  Mom's school has a number of students with varying challenges to include Down Syndrome and autism.  The Best Buddies club is very successful in matching students:  We hope that they were successful in fundraising, too.

4.  Her vocabulary test for tomorrow is written AND copied.  An' ... better yet ... the librarian gave Mom the old copy machine so Mom doesn't have to wait in line anymore!  Whoo hoo!

5.  And best of all ... Mom had a good student day today.  Her students finished the first of the reading programs on Tuesday an' Mom introduced the new program books with a new set of management rules:  Point Teams.  And, get this ... The kids TOTALLY bought into the whole thing.

Mom's roughest class is period two where she's got three girls and fourteen boys.  She was having a hard time getting some of the boys to quit goofing off ... But not today.  Today, her kids were perfect.  In fact, if Mom didn't know better she'd have thought that they'd all be replaced by Stepford robots.  

They were all in their seats by the bell(!) with class folders ready(!!), pencils pre-sharpened(!!!!), and silent reading novels at the ready (Can you believe it?).  No tardies ... quiet during the announcements and respectful during the flag salute.  They were actually ready to learn and had a very nice time earning points.

It was the BEST teaching period that Mom has enjoyed in a really, really long time and she was actually sad to hear the bell ring.


It's only taken seventeen weeks to get them trained.  Two more weeks in the semester ... Mom actually thinks that she's got a chance to make it to December 14th without having a meltdown.



Skeeter and LC said...

The Big Thing tells us that teachin little beins is real important stuff. So we are glad that today was a good day of that! We guess they need to know more things than catchin mothes and froggies, so that's good to do.

Ramses said...

D'boy likes earning Team Points and always comes home excited when he's got more. It's nice listening to him tell My Mummy about what good things he's done to earn them... This year he's one of the school's Team Captain 's and is loving it! A happy boy makes My Mummy happy too and I'z like that! :)

DEBRA said...

Your Mom has a furry impawtant job teachin all da beans -- we give her a big HIGH PAW for all she does.


Cheysuli and gemini said...

I'm glad that your Momma had such a good day. YEAH


Kellie The Orange Cat said...

Wow, your Mum really did have a good day! I love it when that happens.

Chairman Mao said...

That's fabyoolus that yur Momma had such a good day! She does such an impawtant job, teachin the little beans.

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

Jake and Bathsheba said...

'Glad she had a great day and we hope that Friday went as well too! Our secretary hasn't been available to us for computer use for a few days, so we didn't see this post until now. We apologize for the lateness of the card; our secretary could not remember the exact date. You know how it is about getting good help. Regardless, we're glad your mom liked it.

I'm glad that you liked my special stamp, DaisyMae. Skeezix awarded a sheet of them to me when I won one of his contests a while back.

Now we need to go wish your uncle a belated happy birthday . . . .


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