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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #43: Thinkin' 'bout Thanksgiving dinner

I was watchin' television with Mom last night. She has a DVR an' she tapes Martha Stewart's show efurry weekday so that we can watch it together when she gets home (more like when she FINALLY gets home) in the evening.

Anyway, yesterday's guest was Mr. Bam. Mom has said that that's not his real name, but I have a hard time pronouncin' his real name (Mom: "It's Emeril Lagasse, Maus."), so I just call him Mr. Bam ... or Chef Bam-a-lamma-ding-dong ... or Bammy Bammington (when I'm feelin' naughty).

So ... we were watchin' the show an' he was cooking a sample Thanksgiving dinner to show to our heroine, Cell-block Martha. Mom was commenting that he was the first guest that she'd ever seen on Martha's show who could actually compete with Martha an' keep her in check. Efurryone knows that Martha runs rough-shod over most of her guests an' acts rather supercilious around them ('cept for Dr. Maya Angelou who was AWESOME). An' those fans of Mr. Bam's Food Network show know that he is typically the same type of host as Martha.

But the two of them got along famously ... An' the dinner that they cooked together got me to thinkin' 'bout Thanksgiving ... mmmmm. I LOVE Thanksgiving 'cuz I get my furry own seat at the dinner table an' I get to eat as much as I wanna eat.

So ... being that I can't get Thanksgiving out of my head ... AND it's just a week away (Wow!!!) ... I'm doing this week's TT about all of the furry good stuff that I am gonna be eatin' next week!

Featured Foods on DaisyMae Maus's Thanksgiving Dinner Plate

1. Turkey, white meat
2. Turkey, dark meat
3. Stuffing with turkey gravy
4. One cranberry ... smooshed
5. One black olive ... smooshed
6. Julienned green beans ... but not that yucky Green Bean Casserole (that Mom hates an' won't let anyone bring into the house if they value their lives even the tiniest bit)
7. Mashed potatoes with even more turkey gravy (mmmm ... gravy!)
8. Sweet potatoes with some melted mini marshmallows an' cinnamon an' brown sugar
9. Turkey, white meat AN' dark meat ... Yes, I need MORE!
9. Corn!
10. Brown an' Serve wheat roll with real butter (I only lick off the butter if Mom doesn't chop up my piece of roll into little bits
11. Did I mention turkey?
12. Fruit salad with whipped cream (but I only lick off the whipped cream an' leave all of the bits of fruit on my plate
13. Punkin pie with more whipped cream ('cept I don't eat the crust 'cuz I'm a purist an' only like the crust from a pie from Marie Callender's ... an' I can tell if it's NOT from M.C.'s).

Oh, an' I get a bowl of ice water so that I can stay hydrated while I gorge my small self on the holiday feast. But, before you report me to the ASPCA (or Jenny Craig!): I only get the smallest amounts of the aforementioned goodies. 'Cept for the turkey. I can eat LOTS of turkey. Oh, an' don't even THINK 'bout trying to foist Tofurky off on me. I can tell the difference! I'm a gourmand!

Is anycat hungry yet? I am!!!


Boy said...

Oh gosh! You make me so hungwy!

Skeezy said...

I LOVE Martha Stewart and we reely love the Bam guy, too. The Food Lady is always lookin owt for the chikkin police, so she gits a littul OCD with the hand washing win she tuches chikkin.

Snickers said...

Oh wow that sounds so good I can't wait for Thanksgiving! This will my little sister's first with us, is she in for a treat!

Daisy said...

You are very lucky to get such a delicious feast!

Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

I am only into the Turkey part. Just give me the whole bird, thanks.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

We wanna come over! Can you believe we've NEVER gotten to taste real turkey? The Lady likes it, but the teenagers don't, so she never makes it. It sounds wonderful, plus we love the turkey flavor cat foods. We're gettin' ripped off! Our people said they're gonna spend all day on Thanksgiving making COOKIES, of all things. We don't even LIKE cookies!

Sunny's Mommy said...

That all sounds very good :-) You're making me hungry.

The Furry Fighter said...

oh boy you fanksgiving dindins sounds LUSH! i have to wait until December 25th for a similar feast - Meowmie said even if I am still on my exclsuion diet i am allowed some turkey! I can't wait xxx

Parker said...

You make me even more excited than I was for Thanksgiving. We get our own plates too!

The Cat Realm said...

Oh poop. Sorry. It's just that we won't have Thanksgiving around here. NO turkey. The staff doesn't do holidays. And the maid is VEGETARIAN. For ethical reasons, she says. Not me. Maybe I can catch one of the last lizards still out...