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Monday, December 10, 2007

Am I sendin' you a Holiday Card?

A bunch of you have emailed me with your snail mail addresses so that I can send you holiday wishes this year. You can email me at DAISYMAEMAUSatCOXdotNET an' give me your snail mail address up to December 12th.

Mom is slammed at work an' has to be furry careful budgeting her time so that she can get to the post office sometime this week.

I have LOTS of stamps, so send me your address an' I'll send you some greetings from my house.

Don't miss out!



Benjamin Fuzz said...

you've already got our address, dmm!

mom gave all of her stamps to uncle jerry last night. mom's going to have to buy some more so we can send some out too.

Skeezy said...

DMM, thanks for keeping Mr TF and Rocky company. Mr TF has a reely tasty face, duzn't he?? He sed to apollyjize for rolling over on yoo.

The Meezers said...

we already gotted a card from you! It was AWSOME!! we is sending out our cards this week. YAY!

The M's said...

Thank you for the lovely card and the coupons. They will come in handy.