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Saturday, December 01, 2007


Yesterday, I got a package from my best friend, Skeezix the Cat.  In it were TWO bags of primo 'nip, some delicious Temptations, an' a trophy from his Halloween Costume Contest that proclaimed ME to be the winner of "best costume" ...  If you recall, I was "Daisy, the Maus Fairy" with my fluffy dress an' wings. 
Mom was so proud of me (an' my glorious trophy) that she took a photo of me so that I could post it on my bloggie for efurryone to see.
Thank you, Skeezix!


Benjamin Fuzz said...

congrats on your trophy and prizes! you deserve it!

Angus said...

Daisy Mae, Congratulations! You look very pretty with your new trophy. Skeezix runs a great contest and your entry was the BEST! You were so cute!

Anonymous said...

How about that! Congrats on the award, and enjoy the 'nip in good health!

Parker said...

Hooray and concatulations!

Skeeter and LC said...

Congratulations on the SUPER trophy!