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Friday, December 28, 2007

More Secret Paws?!? Yay!!

Cocoa Puff an' I got packages today!  

Joe ... the man in the bloo shorts ... brought them to our house an' Mom took photos while we opened 'em up!

Charmee guarded the packages until it was time to reveal their contents ... He's an excellent package-sitter, isn't he?!?

My Secret Paw is Andrew Bun! He's a bunny rabbit an' he's furry adorable ... 

If I didn't have super-sexy Jake as my special tom-friend, I'd be interested in havin' Andrew as my boyfriend. 
Meeoowww ... purr, purr.

Andrew Bun is super smart 'bout cats 'cuz he sent me the BEST gift: TEMPTATIONS! I LOVE Temptations ... an' he sent lots of 'em. Yay!

He also sent a furry cute Christmas bear. This bear is special 'cuz he's full of 'nip.   An' I LOVE 'nip almost as much as I love Temptations.

Thank you, Andrew Bun! You're an excellent Secret Paw! I really liked the holiday greetings with your photo ... Mmm ... Tuxie Bun? The most attractive kind, I say!
Cocoa Puff's Secret Paw is Cody. Cody DOES have a bloggie, but you can also visit his Catster page where you can find his personal page.

Cody had a holiday card inside just for Cocoa. See?

Cody's package had lots of cool stuff inside including Cocoa's favorite stinky goodness: Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys Chicken an' Egg Soufflé. Yummo! We shared a can for dinner tonight!

Charmee was furry interested in the fuzzy mice an' the fev-ver wand toy with the bell.

I snuck off with his 'nip ravioli. Oooo ... 'nip.

Sparky Fuzzypants was trying to bite a hole through the lid of the Whisker City 'nip! Primo stuff! Whoo hooo!

The best thing of all for Cocoa Puff was his furry own crocheted blankie. Oh, boy ... Cocoa Puff couldn't get enough of that!

Mom even got a present! She got a stack of Santy Claws notes in a holder.  

(Thank you, Cody! Those are VERY useful and I like them very much! ... Mom).


Camie's Kitties said...

Hi Cocoa Puff,

I am glad that your secret paws got there so fast. Mom says she is sorry that she mailed it out late. I think I am going to fire her as my personal secretary. I am glad you all enjoyed the gifts. Mom gave us a blog for Christmas, so we do have one now.

I am part of the Camie's Kitties crew.


Jan said...

Looks like you all had a great Christmas. Your Secret Paws package arriving late just extended the excitement.

jan's funny farm