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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Mao! Please come home!

Update: MAO IS HOME!


There's still no news about where Mao has gone.  The Food Lady an' Mr. Tasty Face have been lookin' for him an' callin' his name since Wednesday, January 9th.

If you've seen Mao, would you please send him home to his fambly?  They miss him an' need him to come home.

Please visit Skeezix, Rocky the Gutter Cat, an' Tripper the Psyko Cat to offer your assurances and support.  They're holdin' down the fort while the FL an' Mr. TF are out combin' the wilderness for Mao.

Mao!  Dood!  You've gotta go home to your fambly.

DMM & the Feline Americans


topcatrules said...

We are paraying hard here - oh, and I gave you an award!

caspersmom said...

It is so sad about Maobert and Annie but it sounds like a lot of purrs and prayers are going up, including ours. Hope you are doing O.K. DaisyMae. It's nice getting out and visiting a little. Been awhile.

Mom has been watching those Chargers and they are getting close to the championship. She says that's the only California team that's doing anything.

Take care DaisyMae O.K.