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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lookie! We got some Valentine's Day cards!

Joe ... our man in the bloo shorts ... has been busy deliverin' some Valentine's Day cards from our furriends. We got a card from Miss Peach (the first photograph) a couple of days ago, an' we got cards from "The Love Cowboy" an' his brothers Mao, Rocky, an' Skeezix the Cat, Miz Allie Cat(who also sent some nifty stickers with some heart confetti), an' our "Secret Admirers" who live near Miami, Florida. Yay! We love mail an' we LOVE Valentines!!! Thank you, efurryone!

1 comment:

muffinmidi said...

Thank you so much for the pillow.
That is primo nip.I was very surprized to get a package.I appreciate your thinking of me.