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Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday Memes: Friday's Feast an' Friday Fill-ins

Friday Fill-In #69
1. When I fell in love _I got hurt really badly, so now I’m guarded, jaded, and unwilling to trust anyone else that fully again_! 

2. _Spring should be_ when the flowers bloom and it heats up outside!

3. Oh no! The internet connection is down, _I guess that I’ll just restart my computer and hope for the best_.

4. _I have absolutely no idea what_ is the craziest tv show ever.  I don't watch "reality" tv or anything that's really bizarre.  

5. Cheese and _fresh corn tortillas with pico de gallo_ make a great meal!

6. _I love to swing on my lawn swing in_ a garden (especially if it's mine and the rosemary is especially fragrant.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to _sleeping_, tomorrow my plans include _maybe going to a movie_ and Sunday, I want to _be rid of this stinking ear infection. I’m tired of being dizzy_!

Feast One Hundred & Eighty Eight
April 25th, 2008 
Name something you would categorize as weird.

People who pierce parts other than ears if it isn’t a cultural thing. Poking holes in yourself and dangling things from those holes is just odd.  Oh, and people who have bunches and bunches of kids who they cannot afford strikes me as weird ... and kind of mean, too.

What color was the last piece of food you ate?

BRIGHT YELLOW! It was a delicious spear of fresh pineapple. Yummo!  In fact, it was so good that I had two more pieces!!!

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how much do you enjoy being alone?

TEN ... I am perfectly happy being alone. There are times when I want to be around friends and/or family, but I’m okay with being by myself.  I'm so "okay" with being alone that I decline dates ...

Main Course
Fill in the blank: I will _________ vote for ___________ in _______.

DaisyMae Maus and the Feline Americans are voting for Cheysuli in the 2008 Presidential Election ... 

I will be voting for whomever wins the democratic party’s nomination in the 2008 Presidential Race. In a perfect world, it would be Clinton/Obama ... and we could get our troops out of the middle east AND re-energize our economy.

Describe your sleeping habits.

Totally dark with black-out draperies. Ceiling fan at “medium”. Oscillating fan at “medium”. Two Simply Sleep tablets. Alarm set for 6:00 AM. Nordstrom sleep shirt. Buckwheat husk pillow in a satin pillow case. Six hundred thread-count sheets. One to five felines snoozing in various parts of the bed. 

My next door neighbors run a 24-hour day care and are starting cars/slamming doors at all hours. The fans and sleep tabs are for self-preservation. 

BTW: I sleep fitfully during the night ... I sleep far better during the day.  Maybe I'm part vampire?


Skeeter, LC, and Ayla said...

This is Bein stuff, so we is draggin The Big Thing inna the room...

OK, OK, I'm here, what's the big deal? Oh, OK. WOW...

DMM's Bein, I gotta admit I agree completely with all those FF answers!

Appetizer... I not only don't like pierced body parts, I only wear a watch with a soft band. No Bling at all.

Soup... I love fresh pineapple. I cut it up myself. Other fresh fruit too , but pineapple is special.

Salad... So many people confuse "alone" with "lonely". I never feel that way. I can go weeks without any company other than my cats.

Main Course... Well, I like them both and will vote for whichever in November.

Desert... When I retired, I put ceiling tiles in my bedroom window to block the dawn sun. King size waterbed. High threadcount sheets. Ayla sleeps against me, Skeeter at my shoulder and LC at the foot end. Sometimes Skeeter and Ayla are both under the blankets.

I have motorcyclists on 3 sides. One likes to clean it at 6 a.m. while it rumbles for 15 minutes, one leaves fast and loud at 7 a.m., and one likes to stop and read all the mail while the engine runs in the evening.

I sleep better from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. than 2 a.m. to 6 a.m.!

I'm stunned at the similarities!

-d ma said...

wow with all your sleeping atmospheric specifics it's no wonder u sleep fitfully. i enjoyed your answers...

Moki said...

Happy Friday Daisy Mae. We dont blame you at all for sleeping during the day...that when we do some of the best sleeping ourselves!

Angus Mhor said...

My mom says that she never knew what good sleepin' was until she put in her first pair of little purple ear plugs from Walgreens..Now, life is good!