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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Refrigerator Meme

Kimo an' Sabi tagged us to do the Refrigerator Meme ... An' we're up to the challenge!

Here are the rules:   Show us a photo of the front of your Cold Box and tell us about at least one thing on it and one thing you keep inside of it! 

Tag your friends and remember to stay COOL! (And no fair cleaning it up first!!!)

Mom took the photos for us 'cuz we have THREE 'frig-a-monsters to show!

Here is the cold box that Mom has behind her desk at school. It has magnets all over it. Some of the magnets are words that can be rearranged into poems, some magnets are of SpongeBob, an' a few magnets are special ones from friends like a windmill from Solvang an' an Irish blessing from ... duh ... Ireland.  She has stickers from our V-E-T an' to support our service people.  Oh, an' there's even a calendar ... on a magnet! ... that is for people who are Sagittarians (like Mom).

Down at the bottom is a picture frame with a photo that Mom took of herself with a Polaroid camera back in 1993. Her tongue is sticking out!

Inside the box is a tiny freezer that hold three itty bitty ice cube trays, there are bottles of water an' cranberry juice, a cup with some ice in it, a little green plastic lime, Mother Fuddrucker's mustard, some apple sauce, a protein bar, a single packet of soy sauce ... an' a SpongeBob cold pack for when her kids complain 'bout headaches.

Then there are the "home" units. We have a cold box called a "side-by-side" an' we have a second box that's REALLY cold an' it lives near the clothes masheens an' our litter boxes. It's called a FREEZER ... brrrr ...

The house 'frigerator has a bunch of magnets on them. One is from our good furriend Mr. Tigger who was one of our Secret Paws last year!

The ginormous freezer has bunches of schedules on it. If you look carefully, there's a magnet that Mom brought home from when the World Famous San Diego Zoo had it's 90th birthday ... The magnet's about two years old.

We've got lots of stuff in our 'frigerator 'cuz Mom is a condiment junkie an' has lots of sauces. IF you look furry carefully, at the bottom of the photo is our favorite section of the 'frigerator: The drawer full of cheeses. Yum!

Mom stores stuff that's "perishable" in the ginormous super-cold box. Inside is types of flour, chips an' crackers, MEATS (!), veggies, an' baked goods. Toward the bottom is a tub of vanilla ice cream that Mom's keepin' fresh for her club at school. The ice cream tub is nearly as large as her school 'frigerator, so there's NO WAY that she could keep it there. Hee, hee ...

Well ... Those are our cold boxes. We're probably the last bloggers to do this Meme, so we're not gonna tag anyone formally. IF you wanna do the Meme, too ... You can say that we tagged you, right?

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