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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

America's Pet Store chose ME!!!

My good buddy Steve H. works in Online Content and Advertising for America's Pet Store  an' he approached me with a unique business opportunity to do some "product testing an' reviewing" for his company. Apparently, real cats are needed efurry day to test out cat furniture, treats, an' other products geared toward the upwardly mobile feline-about-town ... an' he wanted me ... yes,  ME!!! ...  to try out a super-stylish cat seat: Mr. Herzher's Single Seat Cat Furniture #MH-17100.

I get opportunities all the time, so Mom dealt with the legal stuff promising that I'd test out the seat an' then post about my experience (to include a link to
America's Pet Store) ... an' in exchange, I'd get to KEEP the seat for my furry own. Cool, huh? It would belong to me ... an' the Feline Americans would have to get their own corporate sponsorship ... 'cuz I'm the one with the blog, right?

Anyway, the ginormous box   (shipping is FREE no matter how large ... or small ... the order)  holding my present ... uh, I mean my research ... arrived last Friday an' the man-in-the-big-truck (not to be confused with the man-in-the-brown-shorts who Mom thinks is hot ... hee, hee ... ) left it on my back porch out of the prying eyes of the JEALOUS neighborhood cats 'til Mom could bring it in an' put my cat seat together.

Charmee got there first.  He always manages to be the snooperviser when boxes arrive.  Mom opened the box an' unpacked the parts of my brand-new seat ... an' Charmee immediately took over the box.  It's about eleventy-squillion feet bigger than his office cubicle ... so I don't blame him for movin' right in.

I surveyed the parts to make sure that Mom ... who has only had a Master's degree for fifteen years ... could assemble my furniture all by herself.  It had five wooden parts in addition to the comfy fabric-covered seat ... plus there was a bag of screws-an'-washers with an Allen (or is it Alan?!?)  wrench.  So complicated!  But all of the parts were there an' so were step-by-step instructions with pictures so Mom wouldn't have any trouble.

It took her 'bout twenty minutes to assemble efurrything (after several false starts an' a couple of parts facin' the wrong way ... what can I say, she's not a construction worker for a reason, folks!).  She claims that it was simple to assemble ... MUCH simpler than many of the things that she's built in the past.  It's pretty, isn't it?  

After gettin' the whole thing built, we had to find a good place for it.  We tried by the window in the dining room, but the curtains kept blowin' all over me an' it's furry tempting to sharpen clawrs on curtains ... so it got moved.

Now it's in front of the television armoire near my catnip scratcher ... oh, yeah ... our catnip scratcher.  Mom got the camera all set up for the requisite action shots of me enjoyin' the Mr. Herzher's Single Seat Cat Furniture ... I'm glammin' it up!

The cat seat is the perfect size for a spicy vixen like me ... It's not too tall, either ... 'cuz I'm a geezerette an' don't climb efurrything in sight like a certain Feline American whose name rhymes with Lucky Charmz ...  I like the moleskin-like fabric on the seat an' I enjoy rubbing my whisker humps against the corners for a good teeth cleaning.

Okay ... This glamour shoot is over an' it's time for some delicious Temptations ... I think that I'v e earned 'em 'cuz bein' a product tester is pretty darn hard work.

If you're in the market for some new furniture ... cat trees, scratching posts, stairs ... stop by America's Pet Store for a wide selection of top-quality items plus FREE  SHIPPING directly to your door!  I really enjoyed being a pet product researcher an' I'd do it again!


Simba said...

You make a great model. That will keep you in treat money.

Simba x

Skeeter, LC, and Ayla said...

The Big Thing (who aktally builts stuff) says it looks like a good sturdy base! So that hasta be good.

We think it needs a layer of carpet on top, though. Or mebbe a pillow or a pile of (warm) laundry.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you have a paying job? We agree, it looks like it would be comfier with a little cush for the tush!

Daisy said...

Oh wow, you got a fabulous job, DMM! I am so proud of you. And you done good demonstrating the the cat furniture. I am thinking I could use one of those, myself!

Parker said...

I think that's a great cat perch! And you are a born model!

Phoebe said...

That sounds like one of the best jobs in the world. I'm glad you like that seat.

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

What a wonderful job! You are purrfect for the position!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

That looks like a nice window seat you guys. It's too bad we are far too stubborn to be good testers...

Aoise said...

You look right at home on your research furniture. Good job and it will keep you in tweets too !

The Meezers said...

oh we LIKES that lots!!!!

::rumages through mom's purse for her credit card:: - Sammy

meemsnyc said...

oh wow, lucky you!! How super you get to be a tester! That looks like a great seat indeed!!

We3Katz said...

That iz a nice seat! We think it should be in a windo tho, have ur Mom take that stupid curtin down, why doze a kitty need a curtin anywhay? Let da world see how beautiful u are!

The Furry Kids said...

You are a great model! That seat looks pretty cool. We think we might need to put one on our Christmas list.