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Friday, October 10, 2008

FYI on Friday: Mud Bay Pets

If you're a lover of Yeowwww! catnip products like the wonderful 'nip cigars an' 'nip bananas ... an' you're fortunate enough to live in the western half of Washington State ... you can get those coveted items (plus Jackson Pollacks an' other 'nip stuff) at a furry great pet food store called Mud Bay Pets.  

Mom stopped in the one in the Burien area when she was visiting our Auntie Toni ... the mom of Ben Fuzz an' Lucy Furr.  Mom is a big time shopper an' is always on the look-out for treats for us an' gifts for our furriends an' fambly.

Since the 'nip bananas are so hard to find ... an' since they're absolutely mandatory when playing "Bring, bring ... Pumpkin calling" on the living room rug ... Mom bought four of them, a big packet of 'nip, an' a single 'nip cigar.  She had LOTS of explainin' to do when she brought them through the TSA baggage check at the Sea-Tac airport last week ... Yeowwww! catnip is furry strong an' odoriferous ... but it looks suspiciously like cannabis sativa instead of nipeta cataria.

Anyway, if you're lucky enough to be able to visit this store in one of its many locations, you can get cat furniture, kyoot outfits an' accessories like fancy collars an' harnesses, plus toys, HEATED CAT CUPS, an' a bazillion different kinds of foods (with SAMPLES behind the counter).

The only bad thing is that they don't sell stuff online so you've gotta get your furry own handy an' conveniently located Auntie Toni to do your shoppin' for you ... 

If you're in western Washington in the near future an' you get a hankering for some primo 'nip or other cat goodies, you can visit any of the conveniently located stores.  While you're there, please bug them to get their store up an' running online for those of us who live in places without Mud Bay ... 'k?

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Cheysuli and gemini said...

Man how rude that they have none in our local area and so many just outside what is an easy drive.