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Friday, November 28, 2008

We have THREE Winners!

Mom went through all thirty-nine comments an' Grandma selected the three winners in our "Super-secret Thanksgiving Commentathon Contest" ... Did you win?!?  I dunno ... Hee, hee.

Here are the three prize winners who'll be getting boxes from their men-in-the-bloo-shorts as soon as they email  me with their snail mail addresses:

1.  Sniffie an' the Florida Furkids
2.  Dr. Tweety of da Fab Five
3.  Catzee

Please email me at daisymaemausATcoxDOTnet with your snail mail address an' your fabulous prize will go zippin' off to you.  Please put "Thanksgiving prize" in the subject heading of your email so that Mom won't accidentally delete your message.  Hurry!

UPDATE:  I have heard from Dr. Tweety an' Little Cat Zee already ... but the Furkids haven't contacted me yet.  All of the packages are ready to go out in Saturday's post!

EVEN MORE UPDATES:  The Squillions won by Samoa an' Percy are finally finished (Could Mom possibly paint any more slowly?!?) ... an' are ready to be packed up for shipping out to Samoa's an' Percy's famblys on Saturday, too!  Mom put a shiny coat of gloss on them an' is waiting for them to have a hard finish before she wraps them in their bubbles an' sends them on their way.

Thanks for bein' so patient with Mom's schedule, Samoa an' Percy.  She says that she thinks that she captured your essence even if your Squillions aren't doppelgangers ...


Fat Eric said...

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving, DMM!

Dr Tweety of da Fab Five said...

Daisy MM,
We didz not reel-eyez dats you waz havfun a commint contest... but den I suppoze dat iz why you callzed it da super secret!!!
Tank you som much Daisy... we will be honiored to accept dis prize & durn egg-cited too!!!
We hopes dat da Joe da Trader cleanz out your momeez problemz wit her plumbin.' Oh wait a minuet, I guess he alreddy did!
Dr Tweety

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Concatulations to the winners!

Fin said...

Happy belated Thanksgiving and Birthday! I was abandonned for the day so I'm just now making the rounds, bad Mommy!

The Cats Stephens said...

OH WOW DAISY!!! Your mom is super talented. I think it captures me so well. I am super impressed and so excited about my package. I wish I could sit in the window and wait for the man in blue shorts to come. Maybe if I purr a lot mom will let me. Thanks for giving me something to think about other than my collar and toe!


Catzee said...

Thems furry, furry cute!

I putted up my prizes pichurs!

lin said...