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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

F.Y.I.: Christmaus lights are pitiful this year ...

Oh, the weather outside's delightful, but the lights are truly frightful!  So since there's no Christmaus dough, are we better off caked with snow?

Mom an' Grandma went out lookin' at holiday lights this evening 'cuz the rain stopped today an' they could actually leave the car.
I'll be postin' the photos from their "world tour 2008" on Christmaus ... mighty slim pickings if they do say so themselves. But as a little teaser, I'm postin' the most southwesterly holiday lights in the continental United States
This is taken right near the Tijuana Slough on Seacoast Drive in Imperial Beach, CA ... It's a coupla miles west from us.

I'm just wonderin' if the lack of holiday lights has spread to your hometown, too ... I mean, WHAT'S THE DEAL?  Last year's lights were phenomenal compared to the dearth of joyful decorating exhibited this year.

Mom says that lots of folks are out-of-work an' that the economy is particularly bad this year ... that explains why some folks didn't decorate ...

But MOM didn't do much this year either an' she has a job with a decent amount of green papers comin' in each month!!!  What's the deal?  Where's the love, Mom?

(Mom:  In my defense, blogosphere, I have been as busy as the next working stiff this season and to be honest, I'm just not feelin' it this year.  Perhaps I'll feel more inclined to joyously decorate after Obama's been in office for ten months or so ... okay?  Can I have a pass this year?  Pretty please?)


Cheysuli and gemini said...

Who needs lights if you have catnip?

Anonymous said...

Hoppy Holidays All!

Anonymous said...

heheh you guys are just being environmentally good! :))


Forever Foster said...

Our house is the most boring in the Universe. The only light is the garage light if mum and dad are coming home after dark.

They are going Christmas light looking tonight.

Fin said...

Mom to Mom Communication:: Me too, you will see there has been no decoration photos on our blog, cause I have not decorated a lights worth. It just doesn't feel as Christmasy, I feel so unbelievably grateful this year but just not holidayish. Maybe it's cause we know things are hard for so many?

Cat Takeover:: Happy Holidays to my cat friends and their humans.

Boy n Beethoven said...

Well, at weast your house is better than mine. Mine Mummy...she isn't even home!


ZOOLATRY said...

Yes... sad but true. We don't even have a tree!!! But our bean keeps saying the Christmas spirit is inside us and we don't always have to show it off... so we share our Christmas spirit with you and yours, with warm wishes for a holiday full of love and good things, and a new year better for us all. Merry Meowy Christmas from Maggy and Zoey and Ann.

Daisy said...

Our neighborhood hardly has any lights up this year, too! And we did not put up a tree on account of Harley this year. But we are still having a happy holiday season.

Merry Christmas to you!

Everycat said...

It's the same in the UK, fewer lights and trees. But we can still wish you a Merry Christmas


The Island Cats said... do what you can! We think your lights are simply elegant! How's that??!?

We wish you a furry Merry Christmas!

Wally, Ernie & Zoey