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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Can we have our piece of cake, now?

Today, Mom an' our grandparents attended the wedding of our Uncle James an' Aunt Lori ... 

Here's the cake.  


It's pretty big, right? 
There is PLENTY of cake for any cat who might wanna have a bite, right?  

Even just a smidgen.

Well.  We didn't get any.   Not a single crumb.

But our woofie cousin didn't get any, either.

You can stop by his bloggie an' see the bride an' groom cuttin' the cake.  He's bummed that he didn't get a slice, sliver, or crumb either.  Not ALL of the cake was chocolate.  He ... an' we(!) ... could have had some of the lemon ...

I suppose that we'll hafta wait until next year when that cake topper gets thawed out.  We'll get anniversary cake.  Year-old anniversary cake.  Well, on second thought, we might just pass on that one.


Angel said...

OH NO, No cake! Oh Well, did you get mama back home?

Daisy said...

That cake looks very beautiful!