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Monday, June 22, 2009

Mom's Monday Musing ... With DaisyMae's commentary

Mom here: "I always get so jealous when I visit Daisy the Curly Cat (and Harley) and see that they've got more than 75 comments on a posting when my posting has eight ... Until I skip over to Bakerella and see that her most recent post (June 21, 2009) had 3,193 comments before she had to close the comment function! Good grief! More than 3 THOUSAND comments?!?

If you haven't visited Bakerella recently ... or ever ... and you want to see someone with serious food crafting skills, stop by her site (she's been on "Martha Stewart Living") and be amazed. Her cake pops are so cute and she's got such cool ideas for kids' parties or school events. I'm continually awed by her skills!"

DaisyMae Maus here: "Bah. Candy an' chocolate do nothing for me. If she decorates in Fancy Feast, or makes bacon pops ... call me."


The Devil Dog said...

Yeah, but to get that many comments, you have to spend a whole lot of your day blogging, and mom says she has a life and a child.
Ah well, you can't have everything. Well, I guess you could, but then you would just want more.


muffinmidi said...

Belated concatulations to yur grandparents. Being married that long is a real accmplishment.
Glad Pumpkin is feeling beter. Orange cats=enormous appetites.

Angel and Kirby said...

We are happy for the comments we get, too! It would take all day to read three thousand! Mom would not have time ti snuggle and play with us!

pughy said...

I love comments but that many.... You could not possibly give that many good attention.. Enjoy the lovely comments we get from what have become friends...

Hugs GJ xx

Parker said...

Hoy cats - I'd never heard of that blog. Maybe I'll pad on over there and see what all of the fuss is about!

Daisy said...

Oh my goodness, that site is a feast for the eyes! I just saw they have a little Happy Meal made out of cupcakes and brownies.

We do have time to spend blogging, and it has been great fun. But now that my Daddie has been laid off, we do not know what our future will hold or if we will be able to continue. We sure hope so!

DaisyMae Maus said...

I agree with you all about the OVER-abundance of comments as bein' a job in themselves.

We sure hope that Miss Daisy an' her brother, Harley, will be able to continue bloggin' efurryday like they have been. Lay offs are horrible things. We wish 'em all the best of luck in adaptin' to their ... hopefully very temporary ... setback.


Anonymous said...

We'd never heard of Bakerella -- thanks for the tipoff!

Oh, this makes the 8th comment to this post, which is sort of appropriate... :-)

Grrreta said...

Mmmmmmmmh....bacon pops. That site is pretty amazing. It's hard to imagine that over 3,000 people commented, and there aren't even any cute kitties in their post.

Tracey and Huffle said...

What about ham? Does she do anything with ham? I might consider visiting then.

I do not think I could keep up with that many comments! Mum says she already has one full time job, and her part time job that brings in no money is helping me blog. I think she has her priorities wrong.

Huffle Mawson