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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mud Tacos book signing

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How did Mom spend her evening? She went to the Borders bookstore in eastern Chula Vista to attend a book signing. Mario Lopez and his sister, Marissa Lopez Wong, wrote a children's book called Mud Tacos and Mom wanted to get a copy for our cousins, Ethan and Trentan, her god daughter, Sophia, and herself.

You see, Mario was Mom's student when she taught English 12 at Chula Vista High School back in the fall of 1990 when she was a baby teacher. At the time, Marissa was a sophomore and a cheerleader.

So Mom went to the signing and waited in a ginormous line more than two-and-a-half hours. She didn't get a photo taken because she had just her cell phone and the NBC people wouldn't allow a cell phone photo ... oh, well. But Mom did get all three of her books signed by Mario (Marissa wasn't at the signing). Mario was very cordial and was using his famous (infamous?) dimples to their full advantage. After signing so many books, he seemed tired. Mom asked him if he remembered her and he said that he did although he marveled that "someone so young looking could have been his teacher" (yeah, right). Mom didn't want a hug, but she did shake his hand politely and quickly left the building after getting the books signed.

Would she wait such a long time for autographed books if she had to do it over again? Sure. How many OTHER students of hers have written books? Not too many, I'd bet.

If you wanna buy the book, has it for less than list price and you can find it here: MUD TACOS. It comes in both English and Spanish versions, and is a very sweet story with good family values.

Oh, but don't get Mom started about the mother-and-daughte FREAK SHOWS who were right behind her in line. Can you say S•T•A•L•K•E•R•S???? They were two crazy chicks and Mom couldn't get away fast enough (Insert full body shiver here).

Mom told me that the best part of the whole evening was seeing her former student, Kathryn, who graduated from SDSU this last May. I like Kathryn, 'cuz Mom nicknamed her "Kitty Cat" an' of course, I like efurrything that has to do with kitties ... Don't YOU???


Cheysuli and gemini said...

How exciting to know that your Mom taught a real live published author! What a great thing!

Angel and Kirby said...

I am sure as a teacher, she is very proud of all her former students, but especially when they go on to be writers and stars!

Ginger Jasper said...

Your mum must be proud to have taught a talened lady.. Wil have to check the book out.. Hugs GJ xx