Life is my litterbox ... Grab the SCOOP!

Monday, October 05, 2009

WBCL ... in the new bags ... is in stores!

Our furriend, Drew, from World's Best Cat Litter, sent us a second package today. It's the same litter, but in the new packaging. It looks pretty darned spiffy in the green an' black bag with the tabby kitty on the front. Inside the package with the litter was a card from Drew explainin' that the only difference is the bag itself ... Whew! That's a relief! We like the corn-kernel litter as is!

But there was a surprise in the box with the litter an' the card: A special litter mat with the new design all nice an' big! Cool!

(Sorry Rocky! I gotta tell it like I see it ... an' he's HOT!)

Mom has put the litter mat under our water bowl in the kitchen 'cuz we keep splashin' water on the cabinet (an' we have a mat under each litterbox anyway).

Thanks, Drew! The new packaging looks awfully purrfessional an' we really love the kitty on our new drink mat! Mom has filled my personal litterbox with the new litter already an' I'm drinkin' extra water so that I can be the first to use the box! Yee haw!