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Friday, June 29, 2012

Team Lounging with Truffle an' Brulee!

Representing the Gamecock State, from Sweet Purrfections, we have a Team Lounging entry featuring those Southern debutantes, Truffle an' Brulee.  The ladies are sleepin' at the foot of the bed while their four co-competitors lounge at the top of the photo near the pillows.

This is quite a carefully executed effort!  Nearly efurryone in the photo is platinum/white with a single Meezer thrown into the mix for contrast.  Nice job!!

1.  Two or more competitors must be photographed lounging together in the same frame.   1 Point

2.  Grouping.   Seven total in the frame = 5 additional Points

3.  Costumed participant(s).  0 Points

4.  Unconsciousness.  Both live ladies are asleep 2 Points

5.  Unorthodox lounging platform.  Nope.  Highly conventional Lounge Platform. 0 Points

6.  Artistic displays.   Matching furs to Lounge Platform is clever (an' pretty).  1 Point

7.  Humor. Using some stuffed competitors is humorous!  1 Point

Total:  10 Points!  The scrappy girls from the Gamecock State are in the lead!


Zoey and the furballs said...

So cute! I'm glad I don't have to pick the winner because they all look like winners to me.

Angel and Kirby said...

They really know how to work as a team

Sweet Purrfections said...

We love our "stuffed" furriends. The Meezer was Sweet Praline's "stuffed" pal.

Fisher and Staff said...

I will just go lounge by myself and think about where I can find a cooperative team. Love all that white fur!

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